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Parc Astérix 2023: the new “Toutatis” attraction sets all records

ASTERIX PARK. The amusement park of the irreducible Gauls offers a new roller coaster which has all the records: speed, inversions, flashbacks, 50 m drop ;tres… An ode à excess!

[Mis à day April 12, 2023 & 5:06 p.m.] Located in the department of Oise in Hauts-de-France, & 30 kilometers from Paris, Astérix park opened its doors on April 8, 2023 for a new season. On the program, a new family area dedicated to the Gaulish God Toutatis, baptized”The Toutatis Festival" was born on 3 hectares  with an exceptional scenography in the Universe of Gaul. There is a restaurant, a sandwich shop, the Sanglier d’Or playground (7 meters with slides), and the carousel At Gyrofolix, accessible to the little ones.

After more than two years of work, the opening of the long-awaited new attraction Toutatis marks a turning point in the history of the amusement park of the diehard Gauls. This new record-breaking rollercoaster is the result of the largest investment ever made. by the Parc Astérix : 36 million euros ! What are its characteristics??

Even though Toutatis transports 1,300 people per hour, the queue is long as the attraction has been so successful since its opening on April 8 2023. And for good reason, its characteristics give They alone make you dizzy: 7 accelerations forward and backward, with a maximum speed of 110 km/h (French record ). On more than 1,300 meters of circuit, visitors will cross nearly 32,000 elements, including: nbsp;a vertical spire 51 meters high,  an inclined fall at 101°, 3 inversions, and will feel in passing 23 airtimes, or in all 23 moments whereù The speed will make passengers fly out of their seats, which is a world record for a steel rollercoaster. Three trains take turns, each made up of 5 vehicles that can accommodate 4 passengers (20 seats).

Parc Astérix 2023: the new “Toutatis” attraction sets all records

Gallic apprentices, families cultivating a taste for adventure, or centurions with a taste for adventure. looking for great thrills, the 42 attractions (22 for families, 7 for thrills and 13 for little Gauls) you wait! Discover our selection of the best:

  • Thunder 2 Zeus : Under the gaze of Zeus, this roller coaster takes us to the top of Olympus & 30 meters in height before propelling us to the next level. 84 km/h on a dizzying 1.2 km course and 90 seconds of thunder. Minimum height requirement: 1m20< /li>
  • Be careful Menhir!: Latest new feature of the park for its 30th anniversary, visitors are seated on dynamic seats to discover a 4D film. The session takes place in a 300-seat theater, baptized Idéfix Studios. The family attraction of around twenty minutes (including 10 for the film) is packed with special effects, from the image to sound through smells. Panoramix receives a menhir on the head and goes crazy. Visitors will feel it! 
  • Discobélix : this is the attraction that turns heads! Located in the city Greek city of Olympia, the attraction features Obélix. You are installedé on a disc that he will launch at full speed. A sequence taken from the album 'Astérix and the Olympic Games'. Please note, you must be at least 1.20m tall to be able to board à edge!

Parc Astérix 2023: the new “Toutatis” attraction sets all records

  • Pégase Express: this roller coaster offers a journey   sensations around the world &agrav; aboard a train from Ancient Greece. During the course made of turns, climbs and big descents, you are dealing with a variety of challenges. numerous humorous winks referring to the mythology, and this always à throughout the world of beloved comics & Asterix! In total, there are 928 meters of rail and slalom spikes. more than 52 km/hour, easily bearable for the whole family. You will be entitled to stops such as Olympia, Lut&etia or even Alexandria… The attraction, located & agrave; proximity of the Trojan Horse of the Greek zone, lasts three minutes and is accessible to children à from one meter. 
  • Menhir Express: aquatic journey movementé &agrav; through the forest as the boats take us on a route composed of of two falls, the largest of which, the final fall is thirteen meters high.  Minimum height required: 1m
  • L'Oxygénarium : a descent of a large slide for the whole family on a bué es. Minimum height required: 1m
  • The Flight of Icarus: A roller coaster for adults and children à on board a funny winged machine. Minimum size required: 1m
  • Nationale 7 : on the holiday road, it's the children who take the wheel of these old clunkers.&nbsp ;Minimum size required: 90cm
  • Goudurix: a rollercoaster whose loops will make you turn your head 7 times before you make people admit that you do indeed have a taste for risk. Minimum height required: 1m40
  • < img alt = "parc asterix" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/uwic_o0hodfukfbmlkmftovxiwq=/1080x/smart/875e73270fce4e268dad3857c52b6e7b/ccmcms-lintern PG " /> The Goudurix attraction. © Parc Astérix 2016

    • SOS Numérobis : a rollercoaster for children in the heart of the quarryè re of stones by the unconventional architect Numérobis. Minimum size required: 1m
    • Welcome to the Gauls: here you are immersed in the daily life of pure-blood Gallic villagers. A village that we know well since it is that of Ast'rix. Every day from 12:30 p.m., From 12:30 p.m., The most famous characters from the series are gathered there, you can even immortalize this moment with a souvenir photo in front Panoramix's hut.
    • La Galère : an outrigger boat to face the storm, you you won't have time to wonder how you ended up in this mess, ' unless you are installed &agrav; one of the two ends of the boat, where the sensations are really stronger. 
    • The Spies of Caesar: on this monorail tour, active participation is requested from younger people to discreetly monitor the Gallic Village from a height. Minimum size required: 90cm
    • Oziris, the inverted coaster: This inverted roller coaster lifts you up, with your feet in the air, up and down the hill. 40 meters in height, before launching yourself into the sky. 90 km/h in the air. An aerial adventure that they say you won't be ready to land!
    • The Trace of Hooray: a gigantic descent à near 60km/h & aboard a Gallic bobsleigh. Don't forget to shout " Hooray " throughout the descent, it's tradition ! Minimum height required: 1m20
    • Grand Splatch : a boat trip which ends with a dizzying 11 m&etres drop. A friendly shower &agrav; family window ! Minimum size required : 1m
    • Caesar's Challenge: Caesar recruits spies to infiltrate the camp of the diehard Gauls and tests us to meet the demands of intensive training. ;nbsp;: 1m05
    • Romus and Rapidus: a Rapid river movementé &agrav; edge of big buoys, laughter and splashes guaranteed. Minimum height required: 1m

    Parc Astérix 2023: the new “Toutatis” attraction sets all records

    The Romus and Rapidus attraction. © Parc Astérix 2016

    A future "Grand Astérix" is currently being planned by the Compagnie des Alpes, owner of the amusement park. It would be a water park to complete the leisure offer, the location of which has not yet been decided. precise, and which would see the light of day within 3 years. 

    • Fut Ticket(visit date at least 7 days from now ;advance): 47 € (12 years and over)/44 € (from 3 to 11 years old)/Free entry for children under 3 years old
    • Tribe Ticket (for a visit between April 9 and April 1 ;January 2023 inclusive, bookable up to 5 days before your visit): 45€ (5 &9 people) / 43€ (10 &15 people)
    • Parking(per car): 15 €/day.
    • Buy your ticket for Parc Astérix

    Opening hours are from 10 a.m.   7 p.m.. Certain evenings, late nights are organized with a long opening  ;eacute;e until 'à 10 p.m. Consult the complete timetable

    Tips and tricks for Parc Astérix:

    • The Park website offers a map with 3 personalized routes for all the family, for the little ones (less than 1m20) or for thrill-seekers. 
    • Don't forget to download the free Parc Astérixwhich allows you to bookmark your favorite attractions. You can also book your entry ticket from the app, check attraction wait times and schedules for upcoming shows! On App Store or on Android.
    • Have a plan & Upon your arrival and explore the park in a counterclockwise direction, ending at the end of the day with the site's flagship attraction Tonnerre de Zeus.< /li>
    • Opt for the baby switch. If your children are not the required height, don't deprive yourself. Take turns doing the attractions, while the other looks after the children, without having to queue again. Just report it to the staff à each attraction.

    Parc Astérix is ​​located in the town of Plailly, é approximately 30 km north of Paris. Access to the park is very simple, you have to take the A1 motorway, between exits 7 and 8.

    • By car: À 35 km north of Paris. A1 motorway Paris/Lille, direct exit Parc Astérix, between exits n°7 and n°8.
    • Navette du Louvre: departure from 8:45 a.m. Return &agrav; 6:30 p.m. from Parc Astérix. More information on 01 53 48 39 53. Access: Louvre (Palais Royal metro station): access via the Carrousel du Louvre entrance (rue Rivoli) or via the pyramid. Take the escalator located at the entrance. Charles V Hall (at the shops level).
    • Shuttle from CDG airport by RER + regular shuttle: A&amp CDG Airport/Parc Astérix RER Line B3 Paris Gare du Nord – Charles De Gaulle Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 3. Departures every 30 minutes from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. 7 p.m.
    • BUS : Isilines on the Lille-Paris line every day, Flixbus from Tourcoing every day and OuiBus on the Paris-Lille line every day Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Private 8-seater minivan: operated by SuperShuttle from several airports and train stations in Paris and the suburbs.
    • Find out more on the Parc Astérix website
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