Paris In Love: “They abused me every day” Paris Hilton confides in the harassment she suffered


Paris In Love: “They abused me every day

Paris In Love, Paris Hilton's new reality series will be broadcast on Téva from this Friday, June 17, 2022 at 9 p.m. If in this show, the star spoke about the preparations for her wedding, she also spoke about the harassment she suffered when she was in boarding school.

It’s official! Paris In Love, the reality series byParis Hilton will be broadcast from thisFriday, June 17, 2022 on Téva at 9 p.m.. If in the episodes viewers will be able to discover the preparations for the wedding of the star with Carter Reum, they will also see a young woman ready to confide like never before. Indeed, on her show, the beautiful blonde spoke of the harassment she suffered when she was in boarding school. While spending time in a park with her brother Conrad Hughes Hilton, she said:When I was 16, we moved to New York. I started sneaking around, skipping school and my parents were worried so they sent me to boarding school. But he didn't know that this place was truly torture. They abused me verbally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Every day« .

Following these first confidences, the brother of Paris Hilton revealed to his sister that at the time, he thought that’ she was in a “normal” boarding school. Afterwards, Carter Reum's wife explained, “There was nothing I could do. I couldn't tell my parents because in this kind of place, they manipulate the parents as well as the children“. Then she added, “Every time I bring up the subject with mom, she refuses to talk about it. She just said, ‘I was scared for you. It’s the only solution!’ But I wasn't doing anything serious, it was just because I was the oldest daughter and we had just moved to New York. When we were in Los Angeles, we had a strict life, we couldn't do anything, it brooded on us. So when we moved to New York and started living at the Waldorf and I started going out to clubs and acting like an adult when I was only 16 years, she was scared.

Paris Hilton understands her mother's behavior during her teenage years

Also during a discussion with her brother Conrad in Paris In Love, Paris Hilton also admitted to understanding only today, the behavior of her mother at the time. “I toowould have been scared in his place. I understand that they were afraid. Because if I had a 16-year-old daughter and she slipped away at night to go clubbing, I wouldn’t want her to go there or meet bad people. Even though I was pissed that she was so strict, now I think I will be an even stricter mother she confided. And finally, the star concluded by saying on her show:I don't want to be silent anymore! I want to use my voice and my platform to make things happen and be the person I&rsquo I needed at the time”. Confidences about his harassment that really make you want to discover the new episodes of Paris In Love.