Paris: Nearly 300 “massage parlors” are believed to be hiding prostitution

Paris: Nearly 300 “massage parlors” are believed to be hiding prostitution

 Paris & nbsp ;: Nearly 300 & quot; massage parlors & quot; would hide from prostitution

Following the investigation of an association, nearly 300″ massage parlors “, especially Chinese, are singled out. A prostitution ring?

At the beginning of the month, the Zéromacho association, which defines itself as an “international network of men committed against the prostitute system and for gender equality “, published a worrying survey. In Paris, nearly 300 places of prostitution in Paris are disguised as “massage parlors” . “Chinese 'massage parlors' in Paris are almost all places of prostitution,” , the association said. According to Frédéric Robert, the program manager, the women who work there are 85% from China and 14% from Thailand . During their investigation, the volunteers spoke with the 'masseuses' as well as with certain clients and often observed the same thing: sexual services are offered with the keyword “finishing”.

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“They are isolated, vulnerable people, victims of trafficking in human beings and that does not seem to bother anyone “, regretted Frederic Robert to our colleagues at Le Parisien. ” All the similarities noted, the aspects of the premises, decorative elements of the window, predominance of Chinese women, identical photos of some of the flyers, seems to indicate the existence of a small number of decision-makers, managing what appears to be chains of small brothels “ , detailed the investigation. The Zéromacho association then sent a report to the Paris public prosecutor in an attempt to put an end to these practices in the capital.


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