Parisian breakfast. Authentic Crepe Suzette French Pancake Recipe


    Parisian breakfast. Recipe for real French pancakes «Crêpe Suzette» /></p>
<p>Thin pancakes with orange sauce will surprise you with their unique taste.</p>
<p>Everyone dreams of visiting the most romantic city in France. But you don't always have to go to Paris to enjoy its unique atmosphere. Sometimes it is enough to try a classic dish that can tell about the place where it is prepared. </p>
<p>We invite you to enjoy the favorite breakfast of Parisians – real Crepe Suzette pancakes, which will turn your head with their amazing taste and aroma. Recipe from Ricantecooking.</p>
<p>For pancakes:</p>
<li>500 ml milk;</li>
<li>3 eggs;</li>
<li>250 grams of wheat flour;</li>
<li>5 tbsp. vegetable oil;</li>
<li>1 tbsp. sugar;</li>
<li>1 tsp. salt;</li>
<p>For the sauce:</p>
<li>200 ml orange juice;</li>
<li>50 grams of sugar;</li>
<li>50 gram butter;</li>
<li>Zest of one orange;</li>
<li>60 ml Cointreau or Grand Marnier orange liqueur. You can take any other liquor, as long as it is strong, at least 40%, or use cognac;</li>
<h2>Step-by-step recipe:</h2>
<li>Cooking pancakes. To do this, beat milk, eggs, vegetable oil, salt and sugar in a separate bowl until smooth.</li>
<li> Gradually add flour, continuing to beat the dough until all lumps disappear.</li>
<li> Ready dough for send the pancakes to the refrigerator for 30 minutes.</li>
<li>After that, we pass it through a fine sieve to finally get rid of even the smallest lumps.</li>
<li>We heat a non-stick frying pan, greased with a thin layer of vegetable oil.< /li>
<li>Pour a few tablespoons of dough into the pan, tilt it in different directions so that the dough spreads evenly.</li>
<li>When bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake, turn it over to the other side. Fry until cooked.</li>
<li>We fold each pancake into an envelope four times.</li>
<li>Prepare the sauce. To do this, in a large frying pan, which will fit all the pancakes, heat the sugar over medium heat until light caramel.</li>
<li>Pour in the orange juice and add the zest. Cook, stirring constantly, so that the caramel is completely mixed with the juice.</li>
<li> When the liquid is reduced by 1/3, add the butter and stir until it is completely dissolved.</li>
<li> Put all the pancakes in a pan with orange sauce.</li>
<li>Pour pancakes with liquor and immediately set fire to it, if you are not afraid to flambé, if you are afraid, then just pour and boil them with liquor.</li>
<li>Serve the finished dish on the table. Bon appetit!</li>
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