Participant of “Svajena Malevich” had plastic surgery (photos, video)

Участница «Зважених та щасливих» сделала пластическую операцию (фото, видео)

Participant two seasons of the project, “she zvazheni schaslivi” March Manaus (Karpenko), with the love story which was watched by the whole country, decided on plastic surgery.

Martha, who twice managed to lose weight long suffered from what can’t tighten the skin.

Участница «Зважених та щасливих» сделала пластическую операцию (фото, видео)

“2 years I struggled with the “extra” skin from a past life, did everything I could: sports, food, vitamins, massages… It tightens the skin, I will not argue, but, unfortunately, not the way you want”, she complained.

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Published March Manaus (Karpenko) (@martamarnauz) 25 Mar 2020 10:42 PDT

So the woman went to Turkey, where she helped solve the problem. But Martha notes that the operation is complicated, if you can do without it, better not to risk it.

“The operation was long — 8 hours under General anesthesia! I removed the skin on the hands, back, stomach, tightened thighs, and that’s 4.5 kg of skin! Then a blood transfusion because at first everything seams very blood. When moved away from the anesthesia, was similar to a balloon. I was swollen three times,”she says.

Martha in Turkey went and her husband Andrew. He decided to support his wife and help her.

And nine months later will be the second phase of the operation. March hoped that it would be easier.

We will remind, earlier about plastic surgery said the winner of the fourth season, Julia Naumenko.

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