“Partners in Crime” 9 Ways to Know if a Man Loves You


    Partners in Crime. 9 Ways to Know if a Man Loves You

    How to make sure you're really in love?

    Love can make you feel invincible. Every clichéd love song suddenly rings true and takes on new meaning. The food tastes better, the sunsets are more beautiful. You are so full of sweetness that you are tempted to lavish it on strangers just because you want to spread this blissful feeling. For men it's the same as for women, we love being in love too!

    Where there is potential for great reward, there is also great risk. Love is probably the best and scariest thing we do. This potential for rejection and devastation can make it really hard to let yourself fall in love with someone.

    The phrase “I love you” is just a phrase. These are beautiful words, but they do not create a binding contract. Hearing these words is not always enough to calm the relationship. And some guys just might not be comfortable saying them, even if they feel it. Others may be too comfortable saying these words, even if they are not quite in this state in relation to the partner.

    Words are just words. That's not all, so it's important to know how guys behave and what they do when they truly love a woman.

    He respects you

    Real respect is a deep thing. This is the foundation upon which you can build a stable relationship with a genuine understanding of each other and your values. There is also a more superficial version where only certain parts of you are valued or where this “respect” can be turned on when it's useful.

    You want to be with a man who knows you inside and out. Someone who wants to protect everything that makes you who you are. Instead of trying to change your mind or violate your boundaries, it will celebrate every aspect of your personality. When he does, you know he appreciates you.

    That kind of quiet but strong respect can have a wonderfully positive impact on your entire life.

    You trust it

    Trust is insanely valuable because it needs to be built consistently. You can look at someone and immediately think that they are attractive, or even take an immediate liking to them. But you can never automatically trust someone.

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<p>Establishing trust is a vital component in building the deepest part of your relationship. Without him, everything is shaky and ready to collapse.</p>
<p>Sincerely believing in a guy doesn't just mean that you believe he's not going to cheat or lie to you. This means that you are sure that he will be there when you need him. It means you feel safe opening up to him, sharing your deepest fears and insecurities. He's not going to throw you a confession in an argument or say something out of spite.</p>
<p>This hard-earned quality can only be created through hard work and passion. If you have a really trusting relationship with your man, you can be sure that he is completely invested in you.</p>
<h3>He likes everything about you</h3>
<p>Everyone has their own quirks that they may not even be aware of. Sometimes when you spend a lot of time with someone, they notice and point you to them. If it's done in a sarcastic way, chances are you're not a good match.</p>
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    But when a guy takes the time to notice the things that make you “you” and they make him love you even more, then there really is something special about you.

    We naturally see everything from our point of view, even ourselves. He may even see you more clearly than you see yourself. He sees your strengths, your potential, and all the wonderful things that make you who you are. Now it's not all glitter bed of roses, he sees your flaws too. But when a man loves you, he doesn't use those flaws against you or make you feel ashamed. He accepts them as part of who you are.

    He shows loving actions

    It's easy to seem, it's hard to be. This thesis is certainly true of love. Would you rather be told “I love you” or made to feel it? Men tend to be very action oriented. It's the actions that really tell the full story.

    « Partners in Crime.

    Some men find it difficult to express their feelings in a conversation. Luckily, there are other ways he can let you know how he feels. Pay attention to where you rank in his priorities. When he walks in the door, does he notice you before doing anything else?

    Is he attentive to what you feel at any given moment? Does he regularly show affection, even with something as simple as intertwining your fingers? There are a million little ways to show tenderness and affection.

    You are his “partner in crime”

    He is not your boss or dictator. He is your partner, your equal, and he treats you accordingly. Your opinion is just as important as his, and he makes it clear to you. It doesn't mean you guys will never argue. It simply means that when you do it, it will be a discussion between two equal people. Neither of you will consider yourself a superior being or patronize the other.

    Having a partner with whom you can exchange ideas and go on adventures is a real gift. Healthy communication, in which both parties feel heard and treated, contributes to a quality relationship. If you are at this stage of the relationship, know that your man appreciates you as much as you value him.

    You are part of him

    Couples are sometimes ridiculed by friends for turning into “we”. For example – “we” go to the grocery store, or “we” love onion rings. While it can be fun to point out a moderate interdependence between two people, there is something really nice about two people fusing together and thriving as a couple.

    For two people to be able to happily spend a lot of time with each other, a very healthy and well-functioning relationship is needed. Sure, there will be bumps and challenges on the road to overcome, but being able to confidently face them together makes them less intimidating.

    When your presence permeates every part of his life, he won't want you to go anywhere. . If he cannot imagine life without you, then you are rooted in his essence. It's not a passing fad. This is a circumstance that should be appreciated.

    You are always a priority

    We are all guilty of saying that we don't have time for something when in fact it is not a priority for us. Instead of going to the gym, you may have spent too much time on social media and decided that you were better off just starting to cook dinner. You will always find excuses why you can't do something that is not so important to you.

    However, you will never neglect the person who is important to you. The people who are important to you know this. They feel it. You always make yourself available to them when they really need you.

    Naturally, this is true for a man in love. He will make you his number one priority. If for some reason there comes a day when you are not in first place, it will be for a very good reason. Also, he will make sure that you agree not to come first before he does so. The fact is that men and people in general find time for important people and events in their lives.

    He loves to spend time with you

    When you're with the right person, something as mundane as watching TV suddenly becomes more appealing than the most exciting party you've ever been to. Trivial things like grocery shopping are now fun. You will look for any excuse to be around this person, because being with them (no matter what you do) is always the best option.

    If a person goes from a wild single life to a similar love relationship, the difference can be quite noticeable. Love can come from nowhere and change your lifestyle.

    If your man seems excited at the mere thought of being in your presence, he's hooked. He does not need anything unusual or superfluous other than the pleasure that he feels when he sees you.

    He does not give up

    Being with a man who seems to be able to walk out the door with one foot causes stress and instability. A guy who threatens to break up at the first sign of trouble is not a good candidate for a long-term relationship. There will be a guy in love with her.

    This type of man will look at the problem as an opportunity to grow and mature with you, and not as an obstacle to your future. Instead of giving up in defeat, he will once again state his intention to be with you and figure out how to solve the problem.

    When you are with a man who makes you feel safe, you can offer the same devotion in return. This mutual respect and commitment creates an inspiring relationship.


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