Party recognition: PQ appeals to Liberals' “sense of duty”

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Recognition of the parties: the PQ appeals to the “sense of duty” of the liberals

The presence of 14 independent deputies could “paralyze” the work of Parliament, according to Pascal Bérubé.

Time is running out to recognize the PQ and QS as than parliamentary groups, believes PQ MP Pascal Bérubé.

The Parti Québécois (PQ) asks the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) to throw some ballast and to allow it, like Québec solidaire (QS), to form a parliamentary group in due form during the next legislature – this to what François Legault's Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) has already shown itself open.

In a press briefing, Friday morning, the PQ Pascal Bérubé, re-elected in Matane-Matapédia, appealed to Liberal leader Dominique Anglade's sense of duty. Obliging the 11 QS deputies and the 3 PQ deputies to sit as independents – unheard of – would risk paralyzing the National Assembly, according to him.

And time is running out, says Mr. Bérubé. The issue should be resolved by Monday, October 17, when the CAQ elected officials, who will form the next government, will be sworn in, he said.

Neither the PQ nor QS meet the National Assembly's definition of a parliamentary group, which requires having won at least 12 seats or 20% of the vote to be able to obtain this status. The PQ elected 3 deputies and won 14.61% of the vote on Monday, while QS won 11 constituencies with 15.43% of the vote.

Status of parliamentary group, which allows the parties in particular to have more budget and speaking time in the Blue Room, can however be granted if all the formations represented in Parliament agree on the question.

The PLQ obtained almost 10,000 votes from less than the PQ while electing seven times more deputies, underlined Pascal Bérubé, Friday.

In press briefings on Tuesday, François Legault showed himself ready to recognize the PQ and QS, while Dominique Anglade, who will lead the official opposition to the resumption of work, showed no sign of openness, rejecting the fault on the head of the CAQ, who did not change the voting system as he had promised.

However, the PLQ – which succeeded in electing 21 deputies despite obtaining only 14.37% of the votes, the worst score in its history – cannot morally oppose it; granting the status of parliamentary group to the two other opposition parties, especially since they obtained more votes, underlines Pascal Bérubé.

“Given these results, we cannot accept that a party which obtained fewer votes than us [considers it legitimate to] prevent us from representing more votes than ;them. »

— Pascal Bérubé, PQ MP for Matane-Matapédia

Mr. Bérubé affirms that, according to his indications, this refusal is addressed first to Québec solidaire, to which the Liberal MPs would not like to give oxygen to be more visible and to have more means. . And they seem serious, for the moment, in this will, he says.

If this objection persists, the PQ will appeal to citizens, said Mr. Bérubé, who will invite voters in Liberal ridings who did not vote for Ms. Anglade's deputies to call them. We'll find their phone number […], we'll find their e-mail address; there will be pressure, he warned.

There is no question, however, of inviting QS to form a single parliamentary group. That's political fiction, said Mr. Bérubé. We don't want to do that. There have already been attempts in the past, you know the result, so no, we really want to have our own parliamentary group.

On the eve of the 2018 elections, Jean-François Lisée's PQ had tried to enter into an electoral alliance with QS that would have resulted in only one candidate from both parties being presented in certain constituencies. At the last minute, however, the solidarity bodies decided otherwise.

Pascal Bérubé also indicated on Friday that, like PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, MP Joël Arseneau and himself will try by all means not to plead allegiance to King Charles III as required by protocol. . The swearing-in of PQ parliamentarians should take place on Friday, October 21.

In 2018, the 10 elected QS deputies also tried to circumvent this obligation, but in vain.< /p>

Finally, Mr. Bérubé said on Friday that he was ready to allow the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), Éric Duhaime, to hold press briefings in parliament , even if he did not elect any deputy, his party having nevertheless obtained 12.91% of the votes on Monday.

If we [wants to be] consistent, we can find an arrangement to allow Mr. Duhaime to express himself, said the MP for Matane-Matapédia, Friday, on the show Midi info , on ICI Première, in Montreal.

I prefer that he speaks inside the National Assembly [rather] that outside, with the excesses that can sometimes be observed, he confided to host Alec Castonguay.

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