Partygate: Carrie Johnson, New Conservative Target

In a rant, the wife of the British Prime Minister is accused of having played a key role in the organization of parties during confinement.

Partygate: Carrie Johnson, New Conservative Target

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Angry, manipulative, interventionist, practicing nepotism at will and jealous of her husband's collaborators… Such is the unflattering portrait painted by the billionaire and Conservative Party patron Lord Ashcroft in a vitriolic portrait of Carrie Johnson, wife of the British Prime Minister. Read First Lady Intrigue – At the Court of Carrie and Boris Johnson, the first lady exerts undue political influence on the tenant of 10 Downing Street by disrupting the conduct of the affairs of the kingdom.

According to this fire, the former Tory activist used her husband's cell phone to give instructions to some of his collaborators by bypassing it. She allegedly acted behind the scenes to get members of her circle of friends appointed to positions of

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