Patients who refuse a transfer to a care center will have to pay $400 per day

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Patients who refuse a transfer to a health center will have to pay $400 per day

Elderly patients can be sent to homes within 70-150 kilometers.

Beginning Sunday, elderly patients deemed fit to leave hospital who refuse to be transferred to nursing homes will be charged a bill of $400 a day.

This directive is enshrined in the Ford government's recently passed Long-Term Care Act 7.

This new law allows hospitals across the province to temporarily transfer elderly patients who do not #x27;don't need sharp care in care homes they didn't choose.

While seniors who refuse this transfer will have to foot the bill, others may be sent to homes within 70 kilometers in the south of the province or within 150 kilometers in northern regions.


Doug Ford's cruel plan to bully families with financial penalties does nothing to free up more nurses for sick patients or solve the staffing crisis in our hospitals, laments the NDP in a press release.

The opposition says Bill 124 [which caps Ontario public sector wage increases] must be repealed in order to attract and retain nurses.

France Gélinas, NDP Critic for Health, and Wayne Gates, NDP Critic for Long-Term Care, Retirement Homes and Home Care, are also asking Doug Ford to drop his financial threat of $400 a day and invest in health care, home care and long-term care so people can get the care they need. need close to their loved ones.

Sending seniors to long-term care homes that are unable to recruit enough staff to take good care of them is not a step in the right direction, laments France Gélinas.

For his part, the director general of the Federation of French-speaking seniors and retirees of Ontario, Michel Tremblay, is worried about French-speaking patients who could be transferred to an English-speaking home. Studies show that the language barrier is a huge risk to people's health.

Mr. Tremblay adds that if patients do not understand the treatments they are going to receive, this can have significant impacts in terms of isolation, among others.

For his On the other hand, Jane Meadus, lawyer at the Advocacy Center for the elderly, deplores the lack of consultation around this law. We have not been invited to participate in the debate, not even the people concerned in the field to explain the consequences of these patient transfers.

It is really pushing the people in situations that may be inappropriate, she says, explaining that seniors could be isolated if family members cannot visit them.

As for the 400 $ per day, Jane Meadus says most patients cannot afford that amount.

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