Patrycja Runo made a sincere confession. “The Queen of the Gypsy Song” told the truth about Roma marriages


What does Patrycja Runo say about Roma marriages?

 Patrycja Runo made a sincere confession.

As the Pomponik portal reminds us, Patrycja Runo has been present in public space for years. In the course of her career, she even earned the title of “gypsy king song”. The singer introduces Poles to Roma traditions. Recently, she revealed the truth about Roma marriages. Get to know the details!

Patrycja Runo on Romani traditions

Gypsies have been present in Poland for many years. Over the years, their stereotypical perception has changed, which is also due to the famous Roma who promote Roma culture and traditions. Among the popularizer of this culture, we can mention not only Don Vasyl, but also “the queen of the gypsy song”, which is Patrycja Runo.

One of the topics that Runo touched upon is Romani marriages. She revealed that, in line with the Roma tradition, the man had the right to kidnap his beloved. As the artist explains, he usually did it himself, although he could also be accompanied by other Roma. After 24 hours they both returned and were considered married.

Runo indicated that the family had the right not to consent to the marriage, which was associated with the need to” return “the kidnapped her relatives. However, if such a couple was blessed, preparations for the wedding could begin. “The Queen of the Gypsy Song” reminded us that in the times of the camp, these weddings lasted for many days.

Nowadays, weddings are no longer held in the clearings, but in venues. Guests invited to the wedding party for up to three days. Importantly, during the wedding, the bride spends time with women, and the groom with men.

Patrycja Runo broke with the Romani tradition herself by marrying a Pole. She revealed that 200 people had fun at the wedding. “There were gypsy dances and singing. Of course, there were also traditional Roma dishes,” she added.

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