Paulina Smaszcz accuses Kurzajewski and Cichopek. Can't her children come to their father when Cichopek is there?

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Mrs. Paulina smaszcz, a sociologist, spoke with Anna Zejdler during the podcast.

 Paulina Smaszcz accuses Kurzajewski and Cichopek. Are her children unable to come to their father when Cichopek is there

Maciej's ex-wife Kurzajewski, Paulina Smaszcz, continues to drive the journalist, his new partner Katarzyna Cichopek and all women who have become involved with men, breaking their previous relationships or there is a significant age difference in their relationship.

A Polish teacher and a sociologist critically about Izabela Janachowska and Iwona Pavlović

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In the podcast titled “Failure, or Success”, Paulina Smaszcz answered a question about her current emotions related to the breakup with Maciej Kurzajewski and his current relationship with the actress and colleague from work.

As he claims, due to the fact that he has not functioned in a marriage with Maciej for a long time, he has worked through this situation, which does not arouse emotions in her. She also explained the motives behind her actions towards their joint photo, which was taken in Israel, which she considers to be a unique, common place for her now defunct family.

My sons cannot come home when Mrs. Katarzyna is. The pictures of our sons disappear from the walls when Ms Katarzyna comes. Maciek released our dog, which was our children's dog and our dog. You know, there is a limit to which you can go, and for two years after our divorce I really tried to have a great relationship with Maciek, communicative – she complained.

Paulina Smaszcz mentioned r & oacute ; also about the wave of criticism that fell on her for comments about Maciej's relationship with Katarzyna, as well as the statements of women considered experts, who also criticized the behavior of the journalist's ex-wife.

Post from Dr/PhD Paulina Smaszcz (@ paulina.smaszcz)

The wife of a well-known millionaire did not remain indebted to the person who invited her to her project.

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Paulina Smaszcz also stated that her sons are not allowed to stay at dad's house when Katarzyna Cichopek is present there. She also added a thread of shared family photos removed and the shared dog getting rid of.

source: YouTube/Anna Zejdler Podcast

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