Paulina Smaszcz could not pass by indifferently. Maciej Kurzajewski's ex-wife hits Katarzyna Cichopek

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Paulina Smaszcz reacted to the comment of Kasia Cichopek.

 Paulina Smaszcz could not pass by indifferently. Maciej Kurzajewski's ex-wife hits Katarzyna Cichopek

As reported by the portal” Pomponik “, Maciej's ex-wife Kurzajewski's acquaintance with Katarzyna Cichopek is very noticeable. Paulina Smaszcz was to react quite nervously to Cichopek's comment. She decided to retaliate, by the way involving her sons in everything. Get to know the details.

The rumors about Maciej Kurzajewski and Katarzyna Cichopek continue to be heard

After Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel announced that after 17 years spent together, they decided to divorce, an avalanche of speculation began, which could have been behind their decision. Some light on the matter was thrown in the interview given by Marcin Hakiel. The dancer suggested that another man appeared in the actress's life.

The suspicions immediately fell on Maciej Kurzajewski, with whom Cichopek runs the “Question for breakfast” program. Oil was added to the fire from behind-the-scenes reports from an employee in the breakfast room, which indicated that the presenters were indeed connected by something more than just work. The interested parties themselves in no way commented on the rumors about them.

Paulina Smaszcz is fed up

Even after her official divorce, Katarzyna Cichopek did not decided to reveal if and with whom she is living her life. Quite often, however, you can see her reactions to the posts posted by Maciej Kurzajewski. One of them, especially strongly fell behind the skin of the journalist's ex-wife – Paulina Smaszcz.

I am talking about the emoticon of the heart, which Katarzyna Cichopek posted under Kurzajewski's post, in which he praised his triathlon debut. This reaction and comments that appeared in the press made Paulina Smaszcz angry.

“But I am happy with that heart of Kasia. Łejery! OMG! there were our sons and I, because we have known all the successes of Maciek for 25 years. Hello ?! ” – wrote Kurzajewski's ex-wife.

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