Paulina Smaszcz intends to leave Poland. There is an extremely important reason behind this

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Why does Paulina Smaszcz want to leave Poland?

Paulina Smaszcz intends to leave Poland. There is an extremely important reason behind this

According to the portal “Super Express”, Paulina Smaszcz will soon become a grandmother for the first time. Her elder son and his wife are due to welcome a baby in February next year. A little later, Maciej Kurzajewski's ex-wife will celebrate her 50th birthday. The tabloid reports that he intends to spend this special day in sunny Iatlia together with his son.

Paulina Smaszcz is planning to move to Italy?

If you believe the tabloid reports, soon Paulina Smaszcz will move to Italy. In an interview with Anna Zajdler, she admitted that “a life change awaits her, so she invested in an Italian language course”. She added that in three months she would like to learn it to a degree that would enable her to communicate. “My life is going in that direction,” she added enigmatically.

Now that enigmatic statement makes sense. On Instagram, Paulina Smaszcz admitted that she would spend her 50th birthday in sunny Italy, where her older son Franciszek lives with his wife Laura. Smaszcz said that she would get the most wonderful gift for her special birthday.

This is not the end of the changes

Recently, Paulina Smaszcz has been focusing on changes. “Woman-firecracker” put on a completely new hairstyle, which radically changed her appearance. Now we can see her in very short cut hair, on the so-called “hedgehog”.

She presented her new hairstyle on the occasion of the recording in which she said that she had been questioned by the police about the report that Maciej Kurzajewski had made against her. It was about a visit that Smaszcz paid to her ex-husband's house in his absence. She emphasized that it was not an intrusion and that her former mother-in-law confirmed her testimony.

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