Paulina Smaszcz once again caused a storm in the network. All because of one recording

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Paulina Smaszcz has to explain a lot. With what this time?

Paulina Smaszcz once again caused a storm in the network. All because of one recording

As the portal “Jastrząb Post” reminds, Paulina Smaszcz has not left the front pages of newspapers and gossip portals for several weeks. There's a lot going on in her life. She has lost her job, undergoes treatment, and now she has to explain a lot from the recording she posted online. Get to know the details!

Intensive time behind Paulina Smaszcz

Paulina Smaszcz has had extremely difficult and intense weeks behind her. It started with a media battle with her ex-husband Maciej Kurzajewski and his new partner. Then she clashed with Izabella Janachowska and her husband. This week brought information that he no longer works at JLL Polska. In addition, there are health problems.

On Wednesday, November 16, a recording appeared in her social media in which Paulina Smaszcz talks about being invited to the MOONTALK program, where she will talk about “Polish women in the middle of life”, their position in various areas of their activity .

This time, it was not Smaszcz's words, but her behavior that caused a storm in the network.

Paulina Smaszcz has to stop translate

Some Internet users quite quickly realized that Paulina Smaszcz was not wearing her seatbelt while making the aforementioned recording. “And the belts?” – wrote one of the people commenting on the recording.

Maciej Kurzajewski's ex-wife decided to face this accusation and confessed that she could not fasten her seatbelt because of her sick spine. She also thanked the commenter for the concern. It is worth recalling that Smaszcz has had 5 operations under his belt.

Paulina Smaszcz once again caused an Internet storm. All because of one recording

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