Paulina Smaszcz once again hits her ex-husband. Maciej Kurzajewski issued a statement on the matter

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Loud again about Paulina Smaszcz and Maciej Kurzajewski

​​ Paulina Smaszcz hits the ex-husband once again. Maciej Kurzajewski issued a statement on the matter

As the “Super Express” website reminds us, the marriage of Paulina Smaszcz and Maciej Kurzajewski ended in 2019. And although the couple managed to avoid washing the dirt in public, now Kurzajewski's ex-wife rolls heavier and heavier cannons, pointing them at her ex-husband and his new bride – Katarzyna Cichopek. What exactly is Smaszcz accusing his former partner?

It was Smaszcz who revealed the account of Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski

In March this year, Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel issued a statement in who reported that after 17 years spent together, their paths diverge. In an interview with Aleksandra Kwaśniewska, the dancer suggested that the cause of the breakup was betrayal. An avalanche of speculation started immediately as to who stole the heart of Cichopek. Suspicions fell on Kurzajewski.

The couple did not address the rumors for a long time. The last weekend turned out to be a breakthrough in this matter. It was then that Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski admitted that they fell in love with each other. Probably the couple's decision was influenced by the wishes that Paulina Smaszcz, Kurzajewski's ex-wife, made to the actress from “M jak miłość”.

Paulina Smaszcz still attacks her ex-husband

When Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski enjoy each other. Paulina Smaszcz continues to attack. In strong words, she accused her ex-husband of “betrayals, lies and manipulations”. She also stated that now Kurzajewski and his beloved had been given a second chance, this time not to “cheat” their loved ones.

“Marcin Hakiel was the only one who had the courage to talk about the betrayals that lasted from the realization of the program & raquo; Czar par & laquo;” – added Paulina Smaszcz.

Beside her words, Maciej Kurzajewski passed indifferently, and he attempted to issue a statement in which he accused his ex-wife of “deliberately misleading public opinion” and “hurting people close to him”. He announced that he did not intend to allow his ex-partner to do so.

Back then, now media war

In May this year, Paulina Smaszcz indicated that she has good relations with her husband and that she supports him in every possible aspect of his life. She assured her that as the father of her children, he would always be very close to her.

Recently, however, she said that the cup had run out of bitterness, which had nothing to do with Kurzajewski and Cichopek's departure to Israel. “It is about everything that he said to our sons about Mrs. Katarzyna” – she said in an interview with “Ca in a week”, adding that she hopes that her ex was talking in a statement about her loved ones, “he meant children, mother and sisters “.

Do you think that in the coming days we will have more accusations from both sides?

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