Pawel Kukiz in mourning. One of his closest friends has passed away

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Paweł Kukiz said goodbye to his mother.

Paweł Kukiz in mourning. One of the people closest to him passed away

According to the “Pomponik” portal, Paweł Kukiz has been dealing with a painful loss in recent days. On December 13, the politician's mother passed away, as we learn from the obituary published in one of the newspapers.

Paweł Kukiz said goodbye to his mother

It was a huge blow for Paweł Kukiz and his relatives. On December 13, Marianna Kukiz, the mother of a politician and singer, died. Her last farewell took place on Monday, December 19, and the body was laid to rest at the Wrocław cemetery at Bardzka Street.

Paweł Kukiz did not inform about the family tragedy in social media. Together with his family, he published an obituary in “Gazeta Wrocławska”. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki expressed his condolences to Paweł Kukiz on the death of his mother. He did this through an obituary published in one of the newspapers.

 Paweł Kukiz is in mourning. One of the people closest to him has passed away

Pawel Kukiz's parents

Paweł Kukiz is Tadeusz's son and Marianna Kukizów. The musician's father was a well-known and recognized doctor. For nearly three decades, he headed the department of internal diseases of the hospital in Niemodlin.

Tadeusz Kukiz was also a popularizer of knowledge about the history and culture of Kresowians. It was for this activity that he was awarded the Bronze Medal “Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis”, which he received from the Minister of National Culture and National Heritage. This was not the only decoration he was awarded.

In 2013, Paweł Kukiz's father was honored with the award of the Custodian of National Remembrance. Tadeusz Kukiz passed away on May 14, 2015. Now he has been joined by his wife, who during her lifetime tried to stay away from the media and spotlights.

We extend our deepest condolences to Paweł Kukiz and his loved ones.

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