Paweł Wawrzecki touchingly about Anna Przybylska. You can envy such memories with the actress. What is it about


The actor's amazing statement takes you back in time to the set of the series “Złotopolscy” …

 Paweł Wawrzecki touchingly about Anna Przybylska. You can envy such memories with the actress. What's going on

Many artists spoke to the media, recalling their experiences with Anna Przybylska. There were many touching descriptions and many of her words, as well as many anecdotes related to the actress.

Paweł Wawrzecki masterfully put his memories of Anna Przybylska into words

Actor Paweł Wawrzecki made himself known to the audience by playing some of the most iconic series characters, in productions such as “Buła i sp & oacute ;ała”, Złotopolscy “or” Far from the stretcher “.

It was on the set He met “Złotopolski”, a young woman at the time, Anna Przybylska, who played the role of constable Marylka Baka. Paweł Wawrzecki was her serial boss, the commandant of the police station, where Marylka came to work.

Later the actors met again on the set of the series “Daleko od noszy”, where Anna Przybylska and Paweł Wawrzecki played doctors. The 72-year-old actor today reminiscent of Anna Przybylska, who died after a long illness, in very well-chosen words.

As he stated, Anna had a very positive attitude towards people and was very pleased with the cooperation with the actors of the series “Złotopolscy”. She did not harm anyone, showed no fear and quickly won the sympathy of viewers who followed the fate of the protagonist from the very beginning.

The actor noted that the character of Maryla Baki and her actors were best perceived by viewer from the entire cast – […] This is how she appeared, and in a moment she was perceived as well, she moved fantastically through the screen, she was the favorite of viewers, those who fell in love there in the beginning of “Złotopolskie” […] – recalled Paweł Wawrzecki.

Let us remind you that the series “Złotopolscy” returned to the screens of Polish Television's 2 program 25 years after its premiere. TVP published information on its Facebook profile.

< p> This is great news for old fans of the show and favorite characters of the series.


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