Peaky Blinders: Season 6, the Peaky's farewell [VERDICT]

Peaky Blinders: Season 6, The Peaky Farewell [VERDICT]

The final season of the cult series hits Netflix today. Make yourself comfortable and have a last drink to say goodbye to the Shelby family. Warning, spoilers…

Season 5 of Peaky Blinders ended with a scary scene that has haunted fans' memories for over two years. Thomas “Tommy” Shelby wanders in a thick fog, confronting his inner demons, the specters of the past and his very first >defeat. At the end of his rope, the gangster emerged from a vaporous veil, screaming, his pistol to his temple then… Nothing more. No detonation, silence, a black screen. An abrupt end. In the meantime, the Covid has been there, with the devastation that we know around the world, and the death of Helen McCrory, of a dazzling cancer, performer of the charismatic Aunt Polly. Thus, the production was left on hold before resuming to finally give birth to a sixth season. The last. The funeral oration of the Shelby family so much death, in the city as on the screen, hovers over these last six episodes. Warning, spoilers…

Tommy Shelby has lost everything. He sails through the limbo of the past like a ghost. The death of Polly (and therefore the farewell to her actress), illustrated in a heartbreaking off-screen scene then another much more frontal, marks the beginning of the endfor the Shelby clan. The pillar is no longer there and the foundations are shaking. This is the first time that we see Tommy so silent and dejected. He is lost in his thoughts which reinforces his Shakespearian aura. He is broken from the inside and his recent sobriety does not allow him to find peace. Death crosses his family, thus, the death of his sick daughter, Ruby, destroys him forever in addition to precipitating his marriage towards the end. He is a king without entertainment, alone on his throne, forced to join the nazillon Mosley, his enemy, and Mr. Nelson, an American mobster who conspires against him. Attacked from all sides, dropped by his nephew Michaelwho wants to assassinate him because he holds him responsible for the death of his mother, Polly, and abandoned by his brother who sinks into opium, Tommy is up against the wall. Only. In this sixth and final season, issues related to family affairs no longer matter. Tommy's decline transcends a series that is more twilight than ever.

Tommy Shelby in the pantheon of magnificent bastards

For almost ten years, Thomas Shelby shook up the pop-culture of the small screen to the point of instantly becoming an ambiguous icon, an emblematic antihero. Brilliantly played by Cillian Murphy, this former soldier who became a gangster then an MP entered the pantheon of magnificent bastards like a Walter White in Breaking Bad or, to a lesser extent, of a Tony Soprano in the eponymous cult show. Tommy became the main attraction of the show, unwillingly throwing shade over the rest of the cast. Cillian Murphy found in Peaky Blinders a playground so vast that we seek its limits at the end of each episode. In vain. “I have no limits.”, almost ironically launches his character in the face of the spectators (and after coldly killing Michael) in the final episode. This tragic score is the role of a lifetime. The one who starifies and condemns his actor. After the end of Peaky Blinders, Cillian Murphy's life will never be the same. Neither does ours. In the final scene, he steps out of frame like a John Wayne in The Prisoner of the Desert. It is perhaps in this little detail that we recognize a great actor.

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