Pediatric Care Crisis: NDP Threatens To Pull Out Of LPC Deal

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Crisis in pediatric care: the NDP threatens to withdraw from the agreement with the PLC

It's not the first time that Jagmeet Singh has called for concrete action from the Trudeau government by referring to this agreement to avoid the calling of an election by 2025.

This is not the first time that Jagmeet Singh has put pressure on the Trudeau government by evoking a possible withdrawal from the agreement which makes it possible to avoid the calling of an election by 2025.

New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh said Monday his party was prepared to walk away from the “support and confidence agreement” he signed with the Liberals if x27;there is no federal move to solve the “health care crisis for Canadian children”.

This agreement provides in particular that the New Democratic Party (NDP) support the minority Liberal government on key votes in the Commons, in order not to trigger an election by 2025. In exchange, the Liberals promised to make progress on a number of New Democrat priorities, including health care.

While some of the terms of the deal are quite specific, such as dental care, the general health care articles simply talk about ongoing additional investments, but don't include any specific timelines or amounts.

“If we don't see action on healthcare, we absolutely reserve the right to withdraw our support.

— NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh at a press conference in Ottawa

This is a decision not taken lightly […]. Now is the time to keep putting the pressure on, because our goal is to save lives, it's to save our health care system, it's to save lives. #x27;helping workers is helping children.

Mr Singh said he was particularly concerned about growing problems at children's hospitals across the country. He has called for an emergency debate in the House of Commons, as children's hospitals face an influx of sick children this fall.

We are at breaking point, Singh said. Our children are in danger right now.

Just last week, the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, appealed to the Canadian Red Cross to help staff treating record numbers of babies and children with respiratory illnesses.

Meanwhile, Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary is using a heated trailer as an additional waiting room.

In Quebec, at Montreal health care workers – doctors and nurses – said it was unheard of, the worst they had seen in their lives, with desperate parents and children, with workers who are tired, Singh argued.

“The Prime Minister lacks leadership, he needs to meet with the Premiers and find solutions […] instead of blaming other Premiers.”

— Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the NDP

Mr. Singh wrote to the Speaker of the House to give advance notice of the NDP's request for an emergency debate, citing several alarming developments across the country. He believes that urgent action by the government should be informed by parliamentary debate.

The New Democrat leader explained on Monday that the conditions imposed in the agreement of support and trust on health care is deliberately flexible, but he sees no urgency from the Liberal government.

It's not about not just health transfers: this is an immediate crisis that requires immediate action – and a Prime Minister to step in and show leadership.

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