Pedro Castillo celebrates one year as Peruvian president amid pressure to resign

  • The rural teacher has had a troubled administration that could end soon if a new motion of censure succeeds

  • Castillo's popularity is 19% and faces five judicial investigations for alleged acts of corruption

Pedro Castillo celebrates one year as Peruvian president amid pressure to resign

President Pedro Castillo turns this Thursdayone year as Peruvian president with no reason to celebrate other than his fragile survival: he lacks his own strength, justice and Congress stalk him, all in the midst of profound indifference and social rejection: barely 19% of the population approves of his performance. Castle won. by few votes the second electoral round against Keiko Fujimori. A few days later he had his first ministerial crisis. From that moment there were no shortage of predictions about his fateful end, in tune with the fate of his predecessors. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned so as not to be impeached by the legislature. Martin Vizcarrareplaced him until a motion of censure ended. with his interim mandate.Manuel Merinohad to resign to deactivate the street protest.Alan García, meanwhile, committed suicide while so as not to be prosecuted and Alejandro Toledo, the first head of state after Alberto Fujimori fled to Japan, is detained in the United States and awaiting a extradition.

The Government began leaning to the left and currently lacks a political profile. The situation is as unstable for the rural teacher as that of a house of cards. The first year of management was marked by successive storms. must have modify his ministerial cabinet four times. No one knows at this point when he will leave. the current premiere, Aníbal Torres. He hasn't done well with the interior ministers either: he had to change them seven times. At the end of June, the president presented his “irrevocable” resignation to Peru & uacute; Libre, the party that supported his candidacy in 2021. His old fellow travelers will not defend him this time in Congress if a third attempt to remove him from the Executive succeeds.

The president faces five investigationsFour for alleged acts of corruption by the attorney general, Liz Benavides, and one for alleged plagiarism of her master's thesis in Educational Psychology, obtained a decade ago. On July 25, Bruno Pacheco, who served as secretary general of the presidency and, at the moment of being in the crosshairs of the courts, he became a fugitive from justice, he decided to surrender to prosecutor Marita Barreto Rivera. Pacheco is accused of different intentional crimes.

The media outlets assure that Castillo's continuity in the presidency is related to the information provided by his former right-hand man, especially those related to irregular promotions and dismissals in high-ranking positions in the police and the Armed Forces.  Benji Espinoza, Castillo's attorney, assured that “Sayings are one thing and facts are another” and justice will have to prove whether what the former fugitive says is true. “Today we do not have any accredited facts,” said the His client, he added, is “serene” despite the “attacks” he receives. For Castillo it is all about a plotagainst him, plotted by an elite that does not tolerate the presence in the Pizarro Palace of a modest man from the interior.  “Some think we're going to bow down, even though they mess with your children, with your parents, with your family,'' he said.

The offensive to come

The object of recurring ridicule in the media and social networks, some of them charged with symbolic violence, in the first 12 months Castillo was unable to assert his authority.When in April he decreed a > state of emergencyin Lima and Callao and announced Citizen immobility to contain the discomfort caused by the effects on the economy of the war in Ukraine, had to retrace their steps before the imminence of a major protest in the streets. He has unsuccessfully promoted a constitutional reform and changes in the agricultural field. His goals are now more modest: he proposes chemical castration for rapists of minors, adolescents and women.

The Congress today has a new authority. Castle called. to Fujimorista Lady Camones to work together to move forward a country with more than 35% poor. She avoided He gave the sugar-coated answer and crossed it out. of “deficient” and “incapable“. According to Camones, the president should go to her house. “We have asked him, we have invoked him, we have invited him to resign, but he does not make that decision,” said the president of the Congress, who left her resignation. glimpse that there is a new constitutional accusation at the door. In case it prospers, “it corresponds to assume the vice president (Dina) Boluarte”. For now, and before Castillo appears this July 28 in the legislature to take stock of his mandate, 120 civil organizations have asked him to save himself the trouble and, with practical sense, go ahead. the elections.


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