Pelosi leaves Taiwan after a visit of less than 24 hours that has unnerved China


Pelosi leaves Taiwan after a visit of less than 24 hours that has unnerved China

The flight of the plane Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's military officer who took off from Malaysia and landed in Taiwan It was possibly the most followed in history on social networks. His landing at the Taipei airport just after 10 PM (local time) confirmed a unofficial visit or prior announcement but stormy potential in the Strait of Formosa.

Less than 24 hours later, the same plane has taken off from the Taipei Songshan Airport, after a visit in which the official has promised that “the United States will not abandon Taiwan” and that has outraged Beijing. Before boarding the plane and continuing his tour of Asia with stops in South Korea and Japan, the politician has asserted on his Twitter account: “Make no mistake. The United States' commitment to the people of Taiwan will remain unchanged now and for decades to come.”

Pelos has seen with human rights activists including Wuer Kaixi,one of the leaders of the student movement that starred The protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, suppressed by China in 1989. At the event, in Taipei's Jingmei Park, Pelosi also spoke. with the bookseller arrested and interrogated in China for selling books banned by Beijing in his Hong Kong bookstore, Lam Wing-kee, and with the activist Lee Ming-che, imprisoned for “subversion” in China between 2017 and 2022.

In the last few hours, Beijing has responded to the trip, which it has described as “deplorable betrayal” and “farce”, with a military deployment in the Taiwan Strait and with sanctions on imports from the island. .

Taiwan, with whom the US does not maintain official relations, is one of the main sources of conflict between China and the US, mainly because Washington is the main supplier of It would be its greatest military ally in the event of a war with the Asian giant.

It follows from the rhetoric that it will not be the case. light. The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, warned to his American counterpart, Joe Biden, that & ldquo; if he plays with fire & rdquor ;. Pelosi's trip pushes Beijing into a delicate scenario. On the one hand, unprecedented military measures; on the other, inflamed editorials and diplomatic tantrums. With one he exposes himself to unforeseeable consequences with the world's leading military power and the other would be perceived by the world and his people as an opprobrious surrender. “The paper tiger” that Mao used to say about his enemies.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense promised “selective military actions”, with a series of military exercises around the island that will begin on Thursday, including “the firing of long-range live ammunition” in the Taiwan Strait, which separates the island from the Mainland China. These maneuvers are “a necessary and legitimate measure to respond to serious provocations by some US politicians and Taiwanese independence fighters,” according to Chinese diplomacy.

At certain points, the area of ​​operations Chinese will come closer less than 20 kilometers from the coast of Taiwan, according to the coordinates shared by the Chinese military. The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense said the exercises violate the island's territorial waters.

“Some areas of the Chinese exercises violate … Taiwanese territorial waters,” he said. Defense Ministry spokesman Sun Li-fang. “This is an irrational action that defies the international order,” he added. Japan stated He expressed his concern to China about the maneuvers, which in his opinion go beyond its economic exclusion zone.

there will be to differentiate between immediate and subsequent measures, judges Xulio Ríos, director of the Chinese Policy Observatory. “Until now, their military exercises in the strait have been restrained, without their planes and ships crossing the limits. there  There may be a substantial and irreversible shift to underscore more incisive military pressure on Taiwan. there will be Some gesture will mark a qualitative leap, but the subsequent measures to respond to the United States' lack of respect for its interests will have more substance. China will transfer a clear message both to its population and to Washington”, advance.

Southern Sea

The danger lies not in intentions but in accidents. In the South China Sea, for example, tragedy has been bordered on several occasions by the reckless approach of Chinese and American ships or planes. The density in Taiwanese waters multiplies the risk these days. Several Chinese ships hover around the median line, the unofficial maritime border, and some reports claim that two of their aircraft carriers are heading to the area. Four US warships and one aircraft carrier have also arrived east of Taiwan. “Routine maneuvers,” Washington has promised. And the Taiwanese press speaks of sending fighters to reinforce positions and of a maximum alert in the troops.

China and the United States have already preemptively blamed each other for whatever might happen. Beijing sees in Pelosi's visit another red line that Washington ignores in a sacred matter. For the White House, on the other hand, the trip of the greatest American official in decades to the island, the Olympian disregard for Chinese interests and the massive deployment of planes and warships in its backyard are minutiae that Pekí has ​​to deal with. n should digest without fuss.


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