Pelosi plane bound for Songshan Airport in Taipei, investigators


Airplane Pelosi heads to Songshan Airport in Taipei, – investigators

Negotiations between the aircraft's pilots and ground control are believed to indicate the destination of the US House Speaker's flight.

The plane, which allegedly took off from Malaysia, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, is heading to Songshan Airport in Taipei. This is reported by the IntelWalrus Twitter account, which specializes in the search for data from open sources.

As evidence, two text messages from the aviation address and reporting system (ACARS) between the pilots of an aircraft with the call sign SPAR19 and controllers are cited here.

“Clear confirmation that SPAR19 is indeed heading to Taipei from the ACARS message just sent! Ground controllers, when asking about friend-foe encryption, also indicated the destination of the RCSS flight, which means Songshan Airport, Taipei,” commented here.

The writer later clarified that the last waypoint discussed by controllers shows SPAR19 turning north towards Taiwan. “It looks like Pelosi's flight will approach the island from the east, away from the straits,” the report said.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the United States of deliberately escalating the conflict. The Chinese Foreign Ministry believes that the United States is “constantly challenging” on the Taiwan issue.


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