People are uploading full movies to Twitter

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People upload full movies on Twitter

The seat Twitter social is located in San Francisco, California.

The automated system that normally removes copyright-infringing content on Twitter no longer seemed to work on Sunday, according to several media reports.

Followers of the social network have posted entire Hollywood movies in series of tweets, which violates Twitter's rules of use. Some posts, including a two-minute tweet of the movie Fast and Dangerous : Tokyo Drift, went viral before the accounts responsible were suspended, apparently manually.< /p>

A social network without an effective system for filtering illegally published content could expose itself to prosecution.

The social network's staff has been shrinking since its takeover by billionaire Elon Musk at the end of October, followed by waves of layoffs. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has also made major cuts in the teams assigned to moderation on Twitter.

It is feared that the accumulation of technical problems, and the lack of people in place to settle them, does not lead Twitter to stop working, quite simply.

According to several American media, hundreds of company staff members have chosen to leave Twitter after an ultimatum from Elon Musk asking them to pledge to give their all, unconditionally for the company, or leave.

This is in addition to the dismissal by the new boss of half of the 7,500 people employed by the Californian group and the approximately 700 people who had already resigned during the summer.

With information from Forbes, and Mashable

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