People in panic buy sugar, as in the People's Republic of Poland. Where the limit has not yet been introduced


Many Poles may be reminded of the times of their childhood or youth, when toilet paper or sugar were luxury products …

 People in panic buy sugar, as in the People's Republic of Poland. Where no limit has been introduced yet

Recently, we can observe a gloomy repetition of a few years ago, when people were massively buying up sugar, which was supposed to achieve thievery high prices through media reports about the supposedly prevailing crisis.

Not all retail chains have introduced sugar limits. Where can we buy as much as we can carry?

The situation was similar in the case of toilet paper, when media reports on the effects of the pandemic made people panic about the lack of this commodity.

Recent media reports that some discounters introduced a limit on the purchase of a larger commodity. amount of sugar perplexed inhabitant of Poland. As soon as voids began to appear on supermarket shelves, people instinctively started stocking up, which gave the impression of a sugar shortage in the stores.

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Due to this situation , chain stores, such as Biedronka, Stokrotka, and Netto, as well as Aldi have introduced restrictions on the amount of sugar purchased per receipt.

Aldi has introduced a limit of 5 kg, in Biedronka you can buy a maximum of 10 kg per one receipt. the receipt, the same applies to Stokrotka.

As Super Express reports, retail chains that have not yet decided to introduce a limit on the amount of sugar purchased, can always limit this possibility individually in individual points, but p & oacute; ki what in Lidl, Żabka, Dino, Carrefour, Polomarket, or Kaufland, you can buy as many kilograms of sugar as you can find on the floor te; łce.

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