People in this group must expect control. In whose house the controllers may appear

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Whose house can the controllers knock on?

People from this group must expect control. In whose house the controllers can appear

As potal “Interia” reminds, anyone with a radio receiver and/or television is required to pay a subscription fee for this equipment. Persons who evade this obligation must expect control by officials. The Polish Post Office is responsible for this issue. Check if the inspection can appear in your home!

Inspectors are looking for those who do not pay the RTV license

The information provided by the Ministry of Finance to “Interia” shows that in the period from January 1 to January 30 this year, 39,765 enforcement proceedings were initiated, the basis of which was failure to pay the RTV license fee despite having a receiver (or receivers) .

For comparison, in the same period last year there were 43,917 of them, and in 2021 there were a total of 55,044. During the inspection, the officials conducting the inspection check whether the owner of the receiver or receivers, pays a TV subscription fee for them. What if Poczta Polska does not record such payments?

The first step is to send a reminder letter to the person who has been screened. Another is to refer the case to the enforcement authority, which in this case is the treasury. Since July last year, enforcement applications can be sent electronically, which significantly shortens the entire process.

People in this group must expect an inspection. In whose house may the inspectors appear

Who may the inspection appear?< /strong>

It should be remembered that paying bills for cable TV, satellite TV or digital platforms does not exempt you from paying the RTV subscription, because the latter is paid not for the content watched on the TV, but for having a radio and/or television receiver.

Inspectors may conduct inspections both on persons who once registered a receiver, but stopped paying the subscription fee, and on persons who have never registered a receiver such equipment. People from the first group are easier to track.

People in this group must expect inspection. In whose house may inspectors appear

Have you been affected by such a check?

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