People shared their experience of how to make money literally out of thin air


June 7, 2022, 2:35 p.m. | Business

5 illustrative stories.

People shared their experience of how you can make money literally out of thin air

Not enough money? You can always find a second job, or even a third. Don't worry about skills and abilities. Experience shows that you can make money on literally anything, informs Ukr.Media.

Dog nanny

To earn money, I work as a dog sitter at least once a month. If you get along with animals, this job is far easier. In addition, there are additional jokes: for example, last time I was invited to a house next to which there was a ski slope, so I also skied every day. All you have to do is mention at every opportunity that you are sitting with the dogs. People usually take my number after that. Just respect the dog owners and be kind to the dogs: rumors will spread quickly and there will be more work.

Streamer in "Tiktoki"

The man shared another way to earn money easily and quickly without investments. He writes that his younger brother broadcasts live on "TikTok" and playing Fortnite — literally just pointing the camera at the TV while playing.

"People who watch him send virtual 'gifts' to make him do whatever they ask: make the character dance a certain move, say something funny, or turn off the console right in the middle of the game. The most interesting thing is that these "gifts" then you can withdraw in the form of real money to the wallet. Last week, he made about $150 in one day. I don't understand it, but he saves everything he's earned, so I'm very proud of him.


< p>If you don't want to walk with other people's dogs, and playing games in public is also not your thing, think, maybe you have even the slightest writing talent? Well, we all wrote works in school, so you can earn money without investment, even sitting at home. The man says that writing fanfics for guys from various specific fandoms (a subculture consisting of fans of something) will bring a good income.

"You can just write fairly mediocre stories for a solid check. Example: I know a guy who pays $70 for poorly formatted amateur stories (less than five pages) about furries or Pokemon or something. Seriously, these people are happy to pay insane amounts of money for writing of any quality if it serves their interests".

Second Hand Treasure Hunting< /strong>

A second-hand worker, shares a way of earning with minimal investment.

"My shift starts at opening time. When I arrive every morning, I see a huge line in front of the entrance. For a long time I had no idea why this was happening, but in the end it turned out that these people find things for nothing and then sell them at their real value. For example, we recently sold a vase for eight dollars that actually cost $150. I started doing it myself – I found a few video games for a couple of dollars and sold them on the Internet for many times more.

Watching an empty house

"Supervision of the house. No, seriously. People are actually willing to pay you to just come to their house while they're on vacation. And that's even if they don't have pets to take care of.

"One of my ex-girlfriends did the same thing when she was in college. I remember that she went to a rich part of the city to look after the house of a family that goes abroad for the winter for half a year.


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