People’s ways of getting rid of swelling

In every man’s life was unpleasant when he was faced with the problem of edema or swelling.

Народные способы избавления от отёчности

In addition, any tumor or swelling quite aesthetically pleasing looks, their appearance on the body is usually accompanied by unpleasant sensations of pain, itching. Under standard conditions the swelling subsides within 3-4 days. But this process can be accelerated defined folk ways.

So, in fractures and severe injuries appear tumors and often quite impressive. In these cases it is necessary without delay to consult a doctor and do not experiment with folk remedies. If the tumor or swelling is small, but does not paint you, you can use one of the advice of traditional healers.

The first thing they suggest, immediately after the injury apply to the bruise a cloth dampened with cold water or a bag of frozen product from the freezer. So it is possible to remove inflammation and reduce the effect of the pain from the injury. Even if the swelling or the tumor became smaller, then they at least will not increase. And in most cases the cold should for 15 minutes to reduce swelling and reduce the pain and pain to significantly subside.

If you are injured in the summer on the nature, to the injury urgently need to put a plantain leaf, after washing it and making a small cut to become actively stand juice, which has healing properties. After a couple of hours the swelling should subside. Remember: the leaves of the plantain should be changed every 20 minutes – otherwise the healing properties of the plant will decrease. If plantain is not around, you can use cabbage leaves (on the same principle, but to change the sheet every half hour).

Another effective way to relieve swelling is to compress. It can be done as follows: add to one container 1 tablespoon 6% th vinegar, salt and vodka. Moisten a bit of cotton and apply it to the tumor site. On top of polyethylene wrap to lock the position of cotton and to eliminate the evaporation of the solution. Remove the blindfold can be in 3 hours. It is an effective method that will rid you of the tumor or edema.

And someone absolutely does not trust natural remedies and prefers pharmaceutical preparations – his right, despite the fact that in every pharmacy you can buy the ointment for the swelling or tincture of calendula, which will easily relieve bunion pain and can heal the wound.

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