Performed in a timely manner, this ritual will help with important matters. What is it about


Ritual during the Full Moon in Capricorn. Many consider him important.

 This ritual performed in good time will help with the important things. What's going on

When the Sun rises in Cancer, the season in focus calls out for kindness, care, support ; affection and even pampering! But with the Moon in a colder, more distant and ambitious sign of Earth, Capricorn, it's time to manifest what we've been working so hard for …

The full moon is a time of illumination and realization, now in this earthly sign we can accept long-term endurance (as Winter tests us, this sign represents patience and time spent wading through frosty and even brutal circumstances). As it passes through Capricorn, the ruling planet of the moon is responsible for Saturn, the planet that helps us bring out our busy side and reminds us of our limitations.

Super Full Moon Ritual Capricorn 2022

< p>This ritual is best done on the 12th, 13th, or 14th night, but you can also perform it at any time between July 10-20, 2022.

You will need:

-Selected tool to purify the aura (which of the incense sticks most appeal to you) – An element of nature that is an attribute. A stick, a pebble, a twig, etc.

-A bowl of water into which you can fit your attribute.

1.) Cleanse your aura with the tool of your choice. Remember to cleanse the whole body from the bottom to the bottom. During cleansing, you can recite three times: “I am bringing myself into a state of equilibrium by adjusting my mind, body and soul. I am cleansed. I'm free. I am light. I am myself. “

2.) After cleansing the aura, cleanse the ritual space and ritual components. In this way you can recite the following words: & ldquo; I purify this space with light and love. Only love can live here. Only light can live here. My space is cleared. My space is clean. My space is protected. I purify these ingredients with light and love. I am very grateful for these ingredients. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. “

3.) Take your stone or stick and hold it in both hands. When you hold the stick/stone, you pass on all your weight to it. To do this, recite the following while holding the stick/stone: & ldquo; Everything that weighs heavily on my shoulders. All of this is a burden on my mind and heart. All this weakens her mood and spirit. All this worries me. All of this stresses me out. All this keeps me awake at night. All of this weakens my soul. All the guilt. Any b & oacute; le. May they now be released into this stone/stick for purification and transmutation. & Rdquo;

After saying this prayer, blow on your attribute to complete the transmission. Breathe out the way you want! You can exhale several times if you feel you have a lot of heavy energy that you need to transfer to your object. The more meaning you put into each breath, the more it will come out!

4.) Still holding your stick/stone, thank him, express your gratitude to him, then put it in the bowl of water to begin the transmutation process. Keep a bowl nearby when you start your & ldquo; I am Wyr & oacute; Vernal Cosmic Guided Meditation & rdquo ;.

5.) When you finish meditating, reach for the bowl of water and place it outside, in the moonlight or nearby windows to complete transmutation.

The energies of the water, your meditation, and the moon will support the transmutation and transfer the heavy energy you put into the stick/rock back to a neutral state.

6 .) Now make a Capricorn Super Full Moon Reading. Think about any messages that may have come to you.

7.) Leave the water bowl overnight. In the morning, return the water and the stick/stone to the ground, thank you again and pour out the water. Your ritual is over!


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