Permanent residents can now apply to join the Armed Forces

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The permanent residents can now apply to join the Armed Forces

Also affected by the labor shortage, the army is in the process of recruiting.

Permanent residents can now apply to join the Canadian Armed Forces, even if they did not receive military training in another country before arriving in Canada.

This is a measure put in place to breathe new life into the recruitment of military personnel, which is lagging behind its objective of add 5900 new members by next March.

Several factors have been cited to explain the recruiting difficulties, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the army's reputation which has been marred by several sexual misconduct scandals involving high-ranking officers.

All of these factors also mean that the country's military personnel are short by 8,000, including soldiers, sailors and army officers. the air.

Members of the Armed Forces in a vehicle

According to the Department of National Defence, joining the Armed Forces can be a good way for permanent residents to obtain their citizenship, since, if they do, their application will be processed on a priority basis by the immigration officials.

In October, the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Wayne Eyre, suspended all non-essential military activities in order to focus instead on recruitment and retention operations.

The Armed Forces have also made efforts to increase diversity within their ranks, including recruiting more members from diverse backgrounds. They are also trying to create a more inclusive work environment by reviewing certain requirements, such as the dress code.

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