Perplexity in Villarreal for the expulsion of Baena for the dedication to Llaneza

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Perplexity in Villarreal due to the expulsion of Baena for the dedication to Llaneza

< strong>Alex Baena was expelled in the match of the First Division that faced Álex Baena. to Villarreal and Almería (2-1) after seeing the second yellow due to the tribute that the playmaker of the 'groguet' team dedicated to Almería. to José; Manuel Llaneza, former vice president of the Castellón club. The arbitration decision has caused perplexity in Villarreal, where the norm is understood but not so much the lack of waist, given the humanity of the gesture.

The under-21 international with Spain matched the contest for his team shortly before the hour mark with a header from a corner kick taken by Dani Parejo (1-1, 56').

< p>Then, Baena, who had already seen yellow a few minutes before, stood up. the shirt -without taking it off- to show the message in the form of a tribute that appeared on her undergarment.

Numerical inferiority

The match referee, the Basque referee From Burgos Bengoetxea, applied The regulation that states that a soccer player must be reprimanded in case of removing or lifting the elastic. “Other incidents: (Player: Alejandro Baena Rodríguez): After scoring the goal, he showed an undershirt with the following motto: “Thank you for everything Llaneza“” the braid in the match minutes.

This situation that the attacking midfielder of VillarrealHe was sent off for a double yellow card and left his team outnumbered. Manu Morlanes, a teammate of Baena, was also forced to go down the locker room tunnel, in his case for a direct red card, for discussing the decision. n to the collegiate. The Castellón team not only endured the result, but ended prevailing in the addition with a goal from Nicolas Jackson(2-1, 94').

Emery's opinion

This episode has opened a debate about the application of arbitration regulations, since although it is true that De Burgos Bengoetxea limited himself to to apply the regulation, the notorious current of opinion that was generated In this regard, he defends that the exceptional situation in cases like this should be taken into account. “Surely, if the referee had had a little more sensitivityand I would have waited five seconds to make the decision, perhaps I would have acted differently, although I can't tell you anything because you have applied the rule”, Unai Emery, coach of the >Villarreal, at the press conference after the match.

For its part, the 'groguet' club made a publication from its Twitter account at the end of the match in which it claimed the detail of Baena “This shirt is worth a million expulsions,” wrote the Community Manager of Villarreal CF, towards the former vice president of the entity.The text was accompanied by a image of the midfielder dedicating his goal to Llaneza.