Personal life David Schwimmer began to improve

The life of a 53-year-old David Schwimmer after the star role in the TV series “Friends” was not successful. In terms of work, everything is fine. David starred in the new film stars Meryl Streep, Oldman, and others. Will soon begin shooting a new project “Friends”.

Личная жизнь Дэвида Швиммера начала налаживаться

To career success has been added and good luck in your personal life. After two years alone, the actor has finally fell in love, and got a mutual feeling.

And recently, the paparazzi tracked down the actor who was in the company of young and pretty women. Later, the journalists conducted an investigation and found that this companion had seen Schwimmer before.

A new girlfriend the actor’s name Katie Markowitz, 29 years old. The age difference, it seems, does not interfere with the feelings of the couple.

Schwimmer and Markowitz met in one of the bars, both were without company, and spent time together talking.

Actor, after his divorce from Zoe Buchman in 2017, decided on such a love relationship. Married to wife, David has lived for seven years. They parted friends, raising a daughter together.

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