Peru: Government challenges accusing Amnesty International report

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Peru&nbsp ;: the government disputes an accusatory report by Amnesty International

In a recent report, Amnesty International accuses the Peruvian government of committing serious human rights violations by violently repressing the demonstrations that are rocking the country. (File photo)

The Peruvian government has denied any policy of systematic human rights violations and racism in the country and rejected an Amnesty International report on crackdown on recent anti-government protests.

The government…is adamant that there is neither a policy of massive and systematic violation of human rights in Peru nor what has been termed “systemic racism”. in the actions of the various authorities, the Ministry of Justice said in a statement on Saturday evening.

In a report published Thursday, Amnesty International accused the Peruvian government of committing serious violations of human rights in its violent crackdown on protests.

According to this NGO, the authorities have also acted with a marked racist bias, targeting historically discriminated populations.

Protests in Peru erupted there has more than two months to demand the resignation of the president, Dina Boluarte as well as the calling of general elections and a constituent assembly.

President Dina Boluarte has said in the past that she will remain in office. (File photo)

During these protests, 48 ​​civilians died in clashes with security forces, most of them in the southern and southwestern Andean regions .

The deadly repression is another sign of the police's contempt for the indigenous and peasant population, assures the Amnesty report.

The Ministry of Justice assured to facilitate investigations officials to identify those responsible for serious violations of the right to life.

He also stressed that the government is aware that the fight against discrimination is one of its most great challenges.

Ms Boluarte took office on December 7 after the ousting of left-wing ex-president Pedro Castillo, imprisoned for trying to dissolve Congress and rule by decree, which sparked widespread protests from his supporters.

From the same Marxist-inspired party as Pedro Castillo, Dina Boluarte is considered a traitor by the protesters, mostly of indigenous origin like the ousted president, who demand not only his resignation but also the dissolution of Parliament and the convening of a constituent assembly.

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