Peru: the president heard for the bloody repression of the demonstrations

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Peru&nbsp ;: the president heard for the bloody repression of demonstrations

In addition to the resignation of Mrs. Boluarte, the protesters demand the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of early elections in 2023.

The President of Peru, Dina Boluarte, was questioned on Tuesday by the prosecutor responsible for the investigation into the repression of the demonstrations which followed the ousting of her predecessor and which left around fifty people dead in three months.

Ms Boluarte, who replaced Pedro Castillo in December, dismissed by Parliament, appeared for almost an hour and a half to respond to the investigation into the deaths of citizens during the social mobilizations of December 2022 and January 2023, indicated the Peruvian justice.

The presidency wrote on Twitter, without elaborating, that Ms. Boluarte made statements about the investigations.

The 60-year-old president is arrived at the courthouse smiling, heavily escorted, according to official images posted on social networks. No gathering of supporters or opponents took place outside the building in central Lima.

Police outside the prosecutor's office before the arrival of the President of Peru.

Ms. Boluarte wants to help uncover the truth, her lawyer, Kelly Montenegro, told E Comercio newspaper.

An investigation was opened against Ms. Boluarte on January 10 for alleged crimes of genocide, aggravated homicide and grievous bodily harm during anti-government protests in which 54 people lost their lives, including six soldiers who drowned that day. weekend trying to flee hundreds of protesters who were attacking them.

According to the ombudsman's office, 1,300 people were also injured, almost half of them men in uniform .

Several ministers and former ministers of his government are also targeted by this investigation.

Peru is embroiled in a serious political and social crisis which erupted on December 7 with the ouster and the incarceration of the former left-wing president, replaced by his vice-president.

Mr. Castillo, 53, is accused of having attempted a coup d'etat in order to dissolve the Assembly which was preparing to oust him from power.

In a separate hearing, the ex-president appeared on Tuesday after the prosecution's request to extend his pre-trial detention from 18 to 36 months.

Ministry wants to add the charges criminal organization, collusion and influence peddling to that of rebellion and conspiracy already retained.

“I strongly deny and categorically being responsible and being part of a criminal network.

— Former President Pedro Castillo during the virtual hearing

The only crime I committed was serving my country as a as President of the Republic, added the former head of state, who says he feels kidnapped.

His fall after 17 months at the head of the country has sparked violent clashes between demonstrators supporting him and law enforcement. Besides the resignation of Ms. Boluarte, the protesters are demanding the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of early elections in 2023.

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