Peru's new president names her prime minister as instability grows

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  • The interim president has appointed a cabinet of ministers with which she seeks to consolidate the truce requested from Congress

The new president of Peru names her prime minister while instability grows

Dina Boluarte, the new president of Peru, has formed finally his provisional government. In a message addressed to society, she has appointed the former prosecutor and former dean of the Pedro Angulo Arana Bar Association as the new president of the Council of Ministers. Angulo replaces Betssy Chávez, who had resigned when Pedro Castillo tried to resign. dissolve Congress and install a state of emergency, last Wednesday.

Upon taking office, Boluarte asked for a new position. He asked Parliament “a truce” that would allow it not only to organize an interim government but also to guarantee a minimum of institutional stabilityin a country that has suffered this deficit especially since 2018 with the successive dismissals of Pablo Kuczynski, Martín Vizcarra and, days ago, Castillo. “I am not going to ask that my government not be audited or that the decisions that will have to be made not be scrutinized; what I am asking for is a deadline, valuable time to rescue our country. corruption and misgovernment, she said about the circumstances that led her to the Executive.

Angulo's appointment sought, in this sense, not to create cracks in the very precarious relationship that the provisional president has with the legislature. The other ministers were, in turn, appointed in the same spirit of “harmony” with the parliamentarians, who hold the key to destabilizing the Government in their hands. Boluarte incorporated to Luis Alberto Otárola Peñaranda as Minister of Defense.  Alex ContrerasHe is the new Minister of Economy and Finance. Cecilia Gervasi has been appointed to Foreign Affairs. Joseph   Andrés Tello Alfaro is the brand new head of Justice. For the moment, none of the officials have provoked adverse comments.

The situation of Boluarte, the first female president in the history of that country, is fragile from the start. Does not have own partyand social base. It must, in record time, create ties with society as a counterweight against a possible offensive from the right, which is the majority in Parliament. As part of his political survival strategy, he received to the Archbishop of Lima, Carlos Castillo.The prelate “encouraged” her. to defend the values ​​announced at his inauguration. In Peru, he said, “they opt for the easiest, which is how I get my share and then I organize everything based on the share that I want to get and I improvise everything and obviously a corruption process begins.” The institutions, because everything is ambition, my friends, my family and my region”.

Suspicion of the president

After the spasm of Wednesday, with Castillo detained and with no one to come to his aid, suspicion has not taken long to settle around the figure of the interim president. “It is not clear at what point Boluarte stopped thinking like Castillo,” said Boluarte. Mario Ghibellini in his column in the Lima daily El Comercio. “Jumping off a ship in time can prevent someone from being swept away in its sinking, but it does not erase their name from the crew list,” he said, referring to the former vice president, whose relationship with Castillo had deteriorated before his death. riot

In this context, calls for early elections are constantly being heard. Boluarte must complete Castillo's term, which ends in 2026. But part of the opposition does not seem willing to wait that long. The mayor-elect of Surco and a benchmark for the political center, Carlos Bruce, recalled the situation. In this sense, the interim president is “pretty weak” and has “very little margin for error.” Therefore, the best “institutional exit” would be for him not to spend four years in the Palacio Pizarro.