Pets reduce stress during quarantine, but not everyone

Pets reduce stress during quarantine, but not everyone

Cats and dogs can reduce feelings of loneliness, thereby reducing stress levels during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Science Alert, pets can improve the mental health of people during self-isolation.

Scientists interviewed more than 6,000 Britons who survived a severe quarantine, regarding their mental health and pets.

People with pets also complained about the stress of isolation, but this feeling was relieved by the animals that were always around. This was confirmed by 90% of respondents. Some of the respondents added that pets also had a positive effect on family relationships.

However, it turned out that people with a stronger emotional bond with a pet, on the contrary, felt worse.

Pets reduce stress during quarantine, but not everyone

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“Interestingly, stronger bonds between humans and animals have been associated with poorer mental health, highlighting the psychological vulnerability of owners,” the study authors say.

Stress in humans was caused by excessive concern for the well-being of animals during quarantine, associated with the lack of adequate walking. Some worried about what would happen to the four-legged animals after the quarantine was over, when people would have to return to work.

However, during the pandemic, there was a lot of demand for pets in many states in the United States. Scientists are worried that after quarantine the animals will not be thrown out into the street again.

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