Philip Kirkorov was banned from entering Moldova


    Philip Kirkorov was banned from entering Moldova

    Philip Kirkorov

    Philip Kirkorov was banned from entering Moldova. It is reported by “Interfax”. As it became known to journalists, the musician flew to Chisinau from Istanbul on the night of July 29, but at the border control point in the VIP room he was told that he would not be able to enter the country. During the control according to the established protocols, it was established that the conditions for permission to cross the state border were not met, — The border police told an Interfax correspondent.

    Earlier, it was reported that Filipp Kirkorov was involved in a criminal case against Shor party deputy Marina Tauber. Thus, the case states that Kirkorov received 200 thousand dollars from the leaders of the party for a concert in Chisinau. The performance was subsequently cancelled. Rapper Morgenstern* also received $60,000 for the concert.

    Tauber was previously stripped of her parliamentary immunity, and last weekend she was arrested for 30 days: she is now in a pre-trial detention center in Chisinau.

    In May, it became known that Latvia blacklisted Kirkorov and other Russian stars who supported the Russian military special operation in Ukraine. In addition, Kirkorov and Polina Gagarina were denied entry to Estonia for five years.

    A few days ago, Philip Kirkorov performed in Crimea: he gave two concerts, to which he invited wounded Russian soldiers.

    *Recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation


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