Philippines: University shooting kills three


Philippines&nbsp ;: a shooting in a university leaves three dead

The shootings in schools and universities are rare in the Philippines, but targeted assassinations of politicians are quite common.

Three people were killed in a shooting at a university in the Philippine capital, Manila, on Sunday in what appears to be a targeted killing, authorities say.

The incident happened at Ateneo de Manila University as law students and their families arrived for a graduation ceremony to be attended by the Chief Justice. /p>

Rose Furigay, former mayor of a town in the restive southern province of Basilan, whose daughter was among the graduates, has been killed, said Joy Belmonte, mayor of the city. #x27;town where the shooting took place.

Ms Furigay's assistant and a college security officer also died. The alleged shooter has been taken into custody.

Ms Furigay's daughter was injured and is in stable condition in hospital, police say.

We are very distraught and bereaved by this event, said Ms. Belmonte.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has said this crime will not go unpunished.

The alleged shooter fled the scene and forced a driver out of his vehicle before abandoning it and continuing his escape in a minibus, police said.

He was eventually arrested near a church. Police recovered two handguns and a silencer allegedly used by the suspect, whom they identified as Chao-Tiao Yumol.

The man, according to the police, has a long history of litigation with Ms. Furigay. He was out on bail for a cybercrime case.

He appears to be a determined killer, Brigadier Remus Medina told reporters, believing that this is an isolated incident.

Chao-Tiao Yumol, who had abrasions on his face, was presented to reporters by the police. He accused Ms. Furigay of being a drug baron, claiming that his family had ordered three attacks against him.

Police say the suspected killer has a long history of disputes with the mother of one of the victims.

School and college shootings are rare in the Philippines, despite lax gun rules. But targeted killings of politicians are quite common, especially during elections.

Ms Furigay, whose family dominates politics in Lamitan City (south), served three terms as mayor. The Constitution prevented her from standing for re-election on May 9 and her husband, who had already held the position before her, succeeded her.

He s' is a common phenomenon in the Philippines, where powerful clans pass on positions from one family member to another to maintain their influence.

The university has canceled the graduation ceremony.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr said he was shocked by the incident and said the law enforcement would investigate these killings thoroughly and quickly and bring everyone involved to justice.


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