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Philosophy subject for bac 2024: discover the subjects for this Tuesday, June 18

The subject of philosophy is revealed this Tuesday, June 18. Philosophy opens the written tests for the 2024 baccalaureate, and it remains the queen test.

The essentials

  • This Tuesday, June 18, baccalaureate candidates take the philosophy test, a test which traditionally opens the marathon of tests of the baccalaureate and these crucial exams for final year students. The test takes place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 12h.
  • The subjects are reproduced on this page, put online around 9:15 a.m.
  • This news feed allows you to discover philosophy subjects, but also to find our comments and access the correction elements in due time.

The philosophy subjects are communicated this Tuesday, June 18 quite early, only 1 hour 15 minutes after the start of the test. Why ? Because the Ministry of National Education tolerates a delay of one hour for all candidates called to attend. go to their examination room. Beyondà At the end of this period, the candidate will be eliminated. of this test and will be awarded a zero. From then on, the subjects can be made public, since there is no longer any leak. from this deadline. Find the 2024 philosophy subjects for baccalaureate candidates, by sector, thanks to & our partnership with Studyrama.

Philosophy subject of the general baccalaureate

Philosophy subject of the techno baccalaureate


09:34 – Two essay topics to choose from for candidates

For the finals of the school In general, the two essay topics to choose from this year are: “Can science satisfy our need for truth& quot; and "Does the State owe us anything". While for students in technological fields, the two questions are: "Is nature hostile to nature? the man" and "Is the artist master of his work".

The topics for the philosophy test have just been released while the students have been working on them for over an hour. They are available on this page thanks to à our partner Studyrama.

09:25 – The topics will fall soon

The subjects take a certain amount of time to resolve. reach us, but they should be available in the next few minutes. As a reminder, subjects are published no earlier than one hour and fifteen minutes after the start of the test so that the participants can ;ves who arrive late à The test cannot fall on it before entering the examination room. 

09:00 – Already there 1 hour since the test started

It is 9 a.m., the candidates are beginning their second hour of the test. À From now on, latecomers are no longer accepted and students who wish to leave the examination room permanently are allowed to do so. The same goes for access to the toilet. Before 9 a.m. it was impossible for a student to go out even briefly, in prevention of any encounter with a latecomer. For the philosophy test, the end of the first hour often means for candidates the start of writing. For an hour, they took the time to discover the subject and prepare their draft, now it is time to get started. write. 

08:31 – The baccalaureate exam is the only common one to ; all candidates

If this meeting around the baccalaureate exam has become so important in recent decades, it is due to its originality, its universal character, bringing children from one generation to the next. think about big concepts. Baccalaureate philosophy has even become a media subject: Without a doubt, political or current affairs interviews will often devote a question to what fellé today for the 2024 baccalaureate. And this meeting will continue! Because with the reform of the baccalaureate, this test is the only one, for the final year, to be completed. to be taken under the previous conditions: the other tests have become specialties.

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">08:22 – Already! jokes on the subject of philosophy

While the subject is not yet known, some are having fun on Twitter by showing their imagination. Thus, Olivier Varlan, a teacher who has become famous on the social network, thinks of these titles for the subjects of the philosophy baccalaureate: "Is dissolution a solution ?", "does union create strength ? ", "Barricading oneself in the headquarters of one's party: is this denying reality? ?". An obvious reference to this current affairs politics.

08:01 – The philosophy test has started

The philosophy test for the 2024 baccalaureate has officially started. The doors of the examination rooms are closed, they only remain open for latecomers, if they arrive before 9:00 a.m.

07:51 – The most important thing today for philosophy: stay calm

Faced with the subject of philosophy, it happens that students are overwhelmed by stress. Keep calm this morning: if you feel anxious, take a few seconds to breathe deeply. This will help you à refocus. Stay focused over the few hours of work: don't get distracted and focus only on your copy and managing the steps: reserve about 10-15 minutes for the introduction , 40-50 minutes for each part of the development, and 10-15 minutes for the conclusion. Think à Allow the last 10 minutes to proofread your copy and correct any errors.

07:42 – The themes of the subject which is already happening; known

In a few minutes, the candidates à The philosophy test will have to mobilize their knowledge of the program. And this is very clear to everyone: this year's teaching focused on 17 concepts to prepare students for ; today's proof: art, conscience, duty, justice, language, freedom, nature, happiness, the State, science, time, truth, religion, technology, work, consciousness and desire. In this list, some topics have been added. present as more likely to be asked of students this Tuesday: Duty, duty, unconscious, freedom, nature, time, truth.

07:29 – No secret: to pass the philosophy test, you have to be organized

To succeed in this Tuesday's test, you need to know how to manage your writing time to devote enough time to your writing. each part of your assignment. Read the proposed topics carefully and choose the one that you master best. Make a rough draft to structure your ideas before writing write literally. Incorporate quotes from philosophers to support your remarks. Be precise in your formulations and avoid confusioné Realities, and use examples: illustrate your arguments with relevant examples from philosophy, history or current events.< /p>

07:24 – Have confidence in yourself

Remember your revisions and be confident in your abilities. Read the topics carefully: Take the time to fully understand each topic offered, whether it is an essay or an explanation of the text. Choose wisely what you are going to work on: select the topic you are most comfortable with. comfortable and on which you have the most ideas.

07:15 – No off-topic Today ! This is essential!

Please note, candidates who decide to tackle text commentary this year have two pitfalls to face: Avoid. First off-topic, you need to take the time to understand the concepts studied in the text extract and clearly identify the question they raise. . Once this stage has been passed, you must not fall into the easy way of doing this. and paraphrase the text, which amounts to a bit of the same thing: you will not deal with the subject, you would be repeating it and that is not what is expected. The objective is to explain the author's thinking always with arguments developed thanks to the knowledge acquired in the study. apos;year.

07:12 – The philosophy test starts in less than an hour!

Welcome to this great live. This wire fedé by the editorial staff is the to give you the 2024 philosophy subjects, for all candidates taking the baccalaureate exams. You will also find comments and corrections here. Good luck à all the candidates who will be in front of their paper in less than 50 minutes!

Find out more

First candidates à To pass the 2024 baccalaureate philosophy test, high school students from centers in North America this year had the following subjects: & ;quot;How to be happy if nothing lasts", "Can we speak without knowing" as well as an explanation of the text & to carry out & from an extract from the Entretiens by Epictète.

For candidates from other foreign centers, the dissertation topics this year were: "Art does it help us? live "and "Why should we trust &agrave? science", when à the explanation of the text, it focused on a passage from the Etique à Nicomacheus by'Aristotle. Proof of this is that everything must be revised, the themes of "happiness" of "art" and "science" who are not, however, among the probable subjects for the 2024 baccalaureate, have fallen.

For other foreign centers, the baccalaureate exams will begin in a few days, just before the start of the baccalaureate in mainland France in La Réunion and Mayotte. Last year, they had to compose on the following subjects, transcribed by the site Bac subject.

Subject of foreign centers of group 1 for the general pathway

  • Topic 1: Can we agree on what is right?
  • Topic 2: Does language distort thought?
  • Topic 3: Explaining an extract of text fromMadrid Conference on the Human Soul (1916), by Bergson in connection with freedomé and science.

Subject of group 1 foreign centers for the professional route

  • Topic 1:  Does religion involve renouncing &agrave? the reason ?
  • Topic 2:  Are we really sensitive &agrave? injustice?
  • Topic 3: Explain an extract from The Future of an Illusion (1927), from Freud in connection with the notions of culture and nature

Each year, the results of baccalaureate candidates are published online. a single date and, in 2024, they will fall on July 8. After the philosophy test, final year high school students will have to wait around twenty days before knowing their grade. Fortunately, the publication of the corrections, scheduled a few hours after the test, allows us to have an idea of ​​the quality ;eacute; of the work completed and therefore the grade obtained. You can find the corrections to the proof upon their publication on Linternaute.com. Note that in philosophy, the work of argumentation is as, if not more, important than the answer itself.' ;nbsp;

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