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Philosophy subject for the 2024 baccalaureate: the probable tests and subjects

The philosophy test for the 2024 baccalaureate takes place this Tuesday, June 18. What are the most likely topics ?

Like every year, it is through the philosophy test that final year students begin the baccalaureate tests. at. This year it takes place on Tuesday June 18th from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. noon. There are therefore less than 24 hours left for candidates from mainland France and overseas to perfect their knowledge before having to complete their philosophy papers.  

Candidates will therefore have 4 hours to complete an essay or an explanation of a text whose subject will relate to one of the 17 concepts in the program. Some of them have a great chance of falling, this is the case of the unconscious, of freedom, of nature, of time and of life ;rité, but nothing says that another theme will not be there. For this test, the correctors expect students to be able to construct a reflection and a philosophical analysis by mobilizing the notions that were introduced to them taught. 

If the subjects of the 2024 philosophy baccalaureate are not yet known, some indications could guide the students and allow them to get a first start idea. First, it is important to remember that the subjects already exist. released last year do not fall again the following year. At least that has never happened before. Please note, nothing is written in advance, and it is possible, in fact, that the same subject falls two years later. ;eacute;cutives. It is therefore imperative not to make any mistakes in your revisions. 

In 2024, there are 17 concepts on the program for the baccalaureate philosophy test. Art, conscience, duty, justice, language, freedom, nature, happiness, the State, science, time, truth… ;eacute;, religion, technology, work, consciousness and desire. In this list, certain subjects are favorites in 2024 and have a good chance of falling, here they are:

  • Duty
  • L'unconscious
  • Freedom
  • Nature
  • Time
  • The truth.

Other subjects are a little less likely, such as art, consciousness, language, reason, religion or even technology. Finally, a final list includes the least likely topics for this year 2024. Be careful, this does not mean that they cannot fall: happiness, #39;State, justice, science and work. 

First candidates à To pass the philosophy test for the 2024 baccalaureate, high school students from the centers of North America had this year the subjects: & quot;How to be happy if nothing lasts, quot;Can we speak without knowing? as well as an explanation of the text & to carry out & from an extract from the Entretiens by Epictète.

For candidates from other foreign centers, the dissertation topics this year were: "Art does it help us? live "and "Why should we trust &agrave? science", when à the explanation of the text, it focused on a passage from the Etique à Nicomacheus by'Aristotle. Proof of this is that everything must be revised, the themes of "happiness" of "art" and "science" who are not, however, among the probable subjects for the 2024 baccalaureate, have fallen.

For other foreign centers, the baccalaureate exams will begin in a few days, just before the start of the baccalaureate in mainland France. La Réunion and à Mayotte. L'Last year, they owed compose on the following subjects, transcribed by the site Bac subject.

Subject of foreign centers of group 1 for the general route

  • Topic 1: Can we agree on what is right?
  • Topic 2: Does language distort thought?
  • Topic 3: Explaining an extract of text fromMadrid Conference on the Human Soul (1916), by Bergson in connection with freedomé and science.

Subject of group 1 foreign centers for the professional route

  • Topic 1:  Does religion involve renouncing &agrave? the reason ?
  • Topic 2:  Are we really sensitive &agrave? injustice?
  • Topic 3: Explain an extract from The Future of an Illusion (1927), from Freud in connection with the notions of culture and nature

The philosophy test is one of the most feared in the 2024 baccalaureate. A reputation due to the object of study of the subject and the comments which come back each year on the possible subjective grading of the subject ;rée by each examiner. But the philosophy exam assesses students' abilities to achieve their goals. build an argument and à develop arguments to respond to questions a question on notions which often give rise to à interpretation.

To pass the philosophy test, you must forget about learning the courses by heart but understand and master the use of the philosophical notions seen in progress. Regarding quotations and philosophical references, if everyone considers it essential to have them, you must above all know how to use them and not fill up your exam paper. references without them having any connection with the subject. Note also that well-used philosophical references can be supplemented by personal references, if these are relevant.

Finally, some additional advice for candidates who decide to tackle text commentary: two pitfalls lie ahead: Avoid. First off-topic, you need to take the time to understand the concepts studied in the text extract and clearly identify the question they raise. egrave;vent. Once this stage has been passed, you must not fall into the easy way of doing this. and paraphrase the text. The goal is to explain the author's thinking, always with arguments developed thanks to the candidate's knowledge.

Despite the reform of the baccalaureate, the philosophy test has kept its traditional formula. Candidates therefore have four hours to complete their papers during the written philosophy exam. Three subjects are offered: two dissertations and one relating to a study of a text. Candidates who opt for an essay only have a simple question as their subject. to which they must respond with a detailed argument. and justified through personal philosophical references and knowledge. For the study of text, candidates must account for the meaning and philosophical significance of a text signed by the author. by an author present in the philosophy program. Beware of the biggest pitfall of this exercise, considered by some as simpler than the dissertation: paraphrasing the text will not be enough to pass the test.

Linternaute invites you to rediscover the subjects of last year's philosophy baccalaureate in their entirety. for the general sector as well as the technological sector:


Studyrama also offers these answer elements for the philosophy subjects of the baccalaureate from last year. All answers are correct. find it on this special page of the Studyrama site.

Each year, the results of baccalaureate candidates are published online. a single date and, in 2024, they will fall on July 8. After the philosophy test, final year high school students will have to wait around twenty days before knowing their grade. Fortunately, the publication of the corrections, scheduled a few hours after the test, allows us to have an idea of ​​the quality ;eacute; of the work completed and therefore the grade obtained. You can find the corrections to the proof upon their publication on Linternaute.com. Note that in philosophy, the work of argumentation is as, if not more, important than the answer itself.' ;nbsp;

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