Photos from Michał Wiśniewski's 8th wedding leaked to the network. Nobody expected such a sight

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The media spread information about the sensational wedding photos of the leader of the Ich Troje band.

 Pictures from Michał Wiśniewski's 8th wedding leaked to the network. Nobody expected such a view

The singer and idol of many people who admired the artists When he was at the peak of his career, the band Ich troje became famous for several weddings, all of which, also with Pola, ended in divorce.

Unique wedding photos of Pola and Michał Wiśniewski delighted fans!

The couple successfully kept their relationship, marriage and child on the way a secret. As soon as there were indications and media reports about the singer's next relationship, the tabloids meticulously enumerated all his wives and children who lived to see him. Another child turned out to be a sensation, the fruit of Michał Wiśniewski's relationship with Pola Wiśniewska.

The latest super express reports concern the 8th wedding of the singer. As it turns out, 50-year-old Michał Wiśniewski married his fifth wife, 37-year-old Pola, for the second time.

Their decision is based on the fact that at the time of their first wedding there were government restrictions related to a worldwide pandemic. Therefore, the lovers could not organize a great wedding. According to media reports, the ceremony took place on September 6 this year and began with a renewed marriage vow. The singer also celebrated his birthday that day.

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Post from Pola Wiśniewska (@wisniewska_pola)

The artist boasted about touching moments on social media – […] It was beautiful and incredibly touching 🥹 We are very moved and grateful to our loved ones that they were with us that day and that we could celebrate love together 💖 We will never forget your sincere smiles, tender gestures and good words. Love 🍒 – wrote on Instagram in the description of the photos from the ceremony.

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