Photoshoot Zelensky caused a scandal. But where Leibovitz shoots, history is made.


    Zelensky's photo shoot caused a scandal. But where Leibovitz shoots – history is made

    A whole storm of emotional reactions arose around the cover of Vogue magazine with Elena Zelenskaya and the photo shoot with her husband and concurrently the President of Ukraine. However, scandals are forgotten, and photos of Annie Leibovitz remain in history. Opinion.

    There are hundreds of posts and tens of thousands of comments on Facebook and Instagram regarding the portrait of Elena Zelenskaya for Vogue. As well as the entire photo shoot that the legendary Annie Leibovitz made for the cult gloss, including the picture where Elena and her husband, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. All these reactions can be divided into three categories.

    The first is negative reactions. They are also in English on Vogue Instagram, like these: “Something about them posing in a war zone does not suit me …”, “is it possible to romanticize a war?”. The general message of such comments is: is it correct to shoot for gloss during the war?

    I don't know the exact answer, but you can speculate. The Vogue team arrived in Ukraine not in the first days of the war and a week, but five months later. Filming took place in Gostomel and Kyiv. Thousands of cafes and restaurants are already in full swing in Kyiv, they are full of people. Movie theaters have even reopened. Yes, at the same time, rockets are arriving in the country, and, unfortunately, someone is dying at the front. But in many Ukrainian cities, including the capital, life goes on as usual. And as one Ukrainian soldier who believes in victory commented: “We will soon join those in the cafe.”

    Zelensky's photo session caused a scandal. But where Leibovitz shoots – history is made

    Second category of interpretations – about the content of the pictures. A lot of complaints about the photo, which was placed on the cover. Everyone has already posted on Facebook homage to Annie Leibovitz regarding Toulouse-Lautrec's lithograph “Clowness Sha-Yu-Kao” (1896), where she sits in a free pose on the steps. This artist was talented and independent – a rare phenomenon for France of those times. Probably, Annie Leibovitz wanted to emphasize the independence of her model with this pose.

    In my opinion, this is not Leibovitz's strongest decision: although she emphasized the independence of Elena Zelenskaya, her charm was completely gone: unlike Sha-Yu-Kao, Elena Zelenskaya is beautiful. It was an attempt to combine in one image the headmistress Kalugina from “Office Romance”, which she became after the transformation, with the one when she looked like a “blue stocking”.

    The third type of reaction is delight . As people write in English on Instagram under the paired portrait of the Zelenskys: “God bless this couple and Ukraine.”

    Personally, much more than the photo from the cover of Vogue, I like the picture of Elena Zelenskaya against the background of the destroyed Mriya, surrounded by military girls. Elena Zelenskaya in this blue coat is a symbol of a beautiful but not surrendered country that successfully resists the aggressor.

    Zelensky's photo shoot caused a scandal. But where Leibovitz shoots – history is made

    And the joint picture of the Zelenskys is good. Vladimir hugs his wife tightly. It is believed that he is reliable, as a husband and as a person.

    Zelensky's photo session caused a scandal. But history is made where Leibovitz shoots

    72-year-old American photographer Annie Leibovitz filmed John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Elizabeth II with the royal family, Obama and Trump with their wives, Leonardo DiCaprio and dozens of world-class celebrities. Many of her photographs have become historical. Like, for example, naked Lennon embracing with a dressed Yoko, or Whoopi Goldberg laughing in a bath of milk.

    Leibovitz is, admittedly, on the heels of history. If she ended up in Kyiv, then history is being made here. And right now. Annie can be trusted with this. As for scandals, they almost always rose after her first publications. However, the scandals were forgotten, and her footage remained in history.


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