Physical activity would reduce the incidence of breast cancer

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Activity physical would reduce the incidence of breast cancer

Previous studies have shown an association between a sedentary lifestyle and an increased risk of breast cancer.

More time spent moving and less time Sitting seems to reduce the incidence of breast cancer, finds a new study involving researchers from McGill and Laval universities.

If a cohort of 100 women could be convinced to adopt an active lifestyle, there would be 41% fewer cases of breast cancer in this group than in a group of 100 women sedentary, the researchers measured.

This reduction was 38% if women engaged in vigorous physical activity at least three days a week, compared to fully sedentary women.

For every 100 people who do moderate-intensity physical activity, the equivalent of a brisk walk, that's not a marathon, there are 40% of those 100 people who are not going to have breast cancer compared to a population that does not, summarized Kaoutar Ennour-Idrissi, who is a doctoral candidate in epidemiology at Laval University .

“If a population is very, very encouraged to do physical activity, and then everyone gets involved, we're going to have 40% fewer cases of breast cancer. It's not for a particular person, but in a population.

— Kaoutar Ennour-Idrissi

In contrast, a sedentary lifestyle was associated with a 104% increased risk of triple-negative breast cancer.

< p class="e-p">The study authors looked at nearly 131,000 women of European descent, including about 75,000 who had breast cancer. They used a sophisticated analysis method that allows the influence of factors such as a family history of breast cancer to be excluded, which gives even more robustness to their results.

< p class="e-p">Previous observational studies have shown an association between physical inactivity and an increased risk of breast cancer.

We will find people who will say to us: Ah, but I have been active all my life, I have exercised, I have taken care of my health all my life . Yet, I was sick, underlined Ms. Ennour-Idrissi. This means that for a particular person, we cannot know which factors are the most contributing factors. But if we change the behavior of a population, we will reduce 40% of cancers. From a public health perspective, this is very important.

That being said, personal risk can be reduced by adopting an active lifestyle, watching your diet, not smoking and reducing our alcohol intake, she added.


When you drive a car on a highway, when you respect the speed limit, when you put on your seat belt, when you are attentive, when you don' ;is not tired, that we try to put the odds on our side so as not to have accidents, well we significantly reduce our risk, illustrated Ms. Ennour-Idrissi. Of course, there are things you can't control. What I mean is that we put the odds on our side.

The study was partially funded by Genome Canada, Genome Quebec, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

The findings of this study are published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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