Piccardian Tertia presented a duet work

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Piccardy Tertia presented duet work

The formation is celebrating its professional 30th anniversary.

The Ukrainian group Pikkardiyskaya Tertsia presented a duet song that they created together with singer Alex Makarov, performing under the pseudonym SASHKA. The musicians immediately released a video for the song Baby, the press service reports.

The work is dedicated to Ukraine, its beauty and heroism. It tells about love for the country, as if for a beloved girl.

“The impetus for the completion of the track was a full-scale war and the occupation of his native Kherson. Under the influence of the feelings and emotions caused by these events, in a bomb shelter to the sounds of explosions, played on an old Gibson, the song was completed,” – said in message.

The musicians who took part in the recording were scattered all over the world after February 24th. So, the guitar part was recorded by Tolik Mandi in a bomb shelter in the Cherkasy region, the pipes – in Germany by Alex Pavlyukov (Estrada), the acoustic guitar part was recorded by Mikhail Bankovsky, who volunteered in Kyiv, and the drums were recorded by Alexander Murenko.

The video for the song was filmed in a picturesque wheat field in the suburbs of Kyiv.

In addition, with the release of the song Baby, Pikkardiyskaya Tertsiya celebrates its 30th professional anniversary. As you know, on September 24, 1992, the band's first public performance took place in Lviv.

Recall that the Ukrainian singer Slava Kaminska presented a video for the debut Ukrainian-language track Dodomu. Her children starred in the video.

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