Pierre Dufour wants to push the development of the Val-d’Or innovation zone

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Pierre Dufour wants to push the development of the Val-d’Or innovation zone

The outgoing MP for Abitibi-Est, Pierre Dufour.

The CAQ candidate Pierre Dufour is committed to push the development of the Novinor innovation zone project if he is re-elected as Member of Parliament for Abitibi-Est on October 3.

The project piloted by the Industrial Development Corporation of Val -d'Or aims to set up a Nordic Logistics Research Center in the airport sector.

The outgoing MP claims to have the attentive ear of the current Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, so that this file progresses quickly, once it is tabled.

He thinks we have something interesting on our hands, says Pierre Dufour. Ministry consultants are working with community stakeholders in Val-d’Or to fine-tune all aspects of the project. There were elements on which we had to redo our homework, but the dynamic is on and we will work to make it happen, he promised, without specifying the height of the investments that will be necessary.

The Val-d'Or innovation zone would be located in the airport sector.

Pierre Dufour maintains that this project does not come in opposition to the mining innovation zone on which the City of Rouyn-Noranda is working.

The ministry asks the communities to have their own guidelines and that's what it's working on, he explains. It can be complementary, without saying that we have a unique innovation zone for the region. For Val-d'Or, we must not let the ball slip away as a transit point to the North. We have always been a hub and a center like Novinor can help us stay on top of the fray.

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