Pierre Poilievre's “ghost cabinet” revolves around his battle horses

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Pierre Poilievre”s “ghost cabinet” articulated around his battle horses

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has named spokespersons on issues that will serve as angles of attack against Justin Trudeau's government.< /p>

The Conservative Party of Canada and its leader, Pierre Poilievre, unveiled the composition of the shadow cabinet on Wednesday, which will have the mandate to challenge the various ministers of the Trudeau government. This new cabinet is precisely articulated around the priorities already put forward by the leader of the party.

This list of spokespersons, only transmitted by means of a press release, may surprise: has no less than 51 names of “shadow ministers”, not counting 20 “associate shadow ministers”.

By comparison, the Trudeau government currently has 38 ministers in addition to the Prime Minister himself. same.

Touted as an “anti-inflation” cabinet, the Conservative team must, the party says, tackle “justinflation”, fight all of [Justin] Trudeau's tax hikes, including his plan to triple the costly carbon tax, and tackle the cost of living crisis so young people can buy homes, families can feed themselves, and our seniors can support themselves. their retirement with dignity.

In the list of these “ministries”, we first find the equivalent of the various official ministries, with, generally, spokespersons who already have experience in the matter, in particular because their work on parliamentary committees related to these files.

Thus, among other examples, Ontario MP Michael D. Chong becomes the critic for foreign affairs, he who is currently vice-chair of the special committee on relations between Canada and China.

Nova Scotian Stephen Ellis will take care of health, he who sits on the Commons standing committee on this subject. Same thing for Ontario's Adam Chambers, who becomes spokesperson for revenue.

This is also the case for Quebec's Joël Godin, already a member of the committee Standing for Official Languages, who becomes the spokesperson for this file.

Other shadow ministries may have been assigned to highlight certain MPs. Thus, Gérard Deltell, who represents the riding of Louis-Saint-Laurent, in Quebec, will take care of environmental issues and climate change, even if he does not have a #x27;experience in the matter.

He will have as vis-à-vis Minister Steven Guilbeault.

Also among the 51 Shadow Ministries are some of the issues important to Leader Pierre Poilievre, issues he has repeatedly highlighted during the Conservative leadership race.

Thus, Albertan Matt Jeneroux, member of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, has been named spokesperson for supply chain issues.

Ontarian Scot Davidson, who has no specific experience in the matter, inherits the file of “red tape reduction”, a theme dear to Mr. . Poilievre.

The Conservative leader has for several years been mounting recriminations against the Trudeau government and against big business which “loves red tape”.

Their lobbyists and lawyers help the government prevent the activities of those who challenge the status quo n and to block competition. These are the access blockers, he wrote on Facebook in a message dating back to April 2021.

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