Pinel requests additional time to assess the Laval bus driver | Tragedy in Laval

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Pinel requests additional time to assess the Laval bus driver | Tragedy in Laval

The tragedy that claimed the lives of two children from the Sainte-Rose Educational Daycare took place on February 8, 2023.

We still do not know the state of mind of Pierre Ny St-Amand, the bus driver accused of having killed two children and injured several others by rushing into the Ste-Rose Educational Daycare on February 8, since the assessment on his criminal liability has not been completed.

Given the very nature of the offense and the complexity of the clinical picture, additional assessments were requested, in particular a psychological assessment which unfortunately could not be completed…, writes psychiatrist Kim Bédard-Charette from l' National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry Philippe-Pinel, in a letter to the court, filed Tuesday morning at the Laval courthouse.

The expert also underlines the “exemplary collaboration” of the accused.

The Court of Quebec has therefore agreed to extend the thirty-day period that had been granted to the establishment and the bus driver's file is postponed to April 26.

When she left the courtroom, the criminal and penal prosecuting attorney did not know whether the notorious explosion of deadlines at the Pinel Institute, caused by a lack of resources and an increase in requests, should also be pointed out.

Through the letter, we understand that these are assessments that could not be completed, said Me Karine Dalphond.

“Whether these are delays caused by a lack of experts or resources, it's not written in the letter, I can't speculate, I have no idea unfortunately. »

— Me Karine Dalphond, criminal and penal prosecuting attorney

At the start of the hearing, Pierre Ny St-Amand, 51, slowly entered the the dock of the accused, framed by five security guards.

He replied Hello when the judge greeted him, then said no more words.

The ex-driver of the Société de transport de Laval is accused of the first degree murders of little Jacob, 4 years old, and Maëva, 5 years. He also faces a charge of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault and four counts of assault causing bodily harm.

The motives behind this senseless attack are unknown. Pierre Ny St-Armand was overpowered by relatives and neighbors as he got out of the bus trying to undress.

At the start of the legal process, Pierre Ny St-Amand seemed disoriented. However, an assessment of his mental state determined that he was fit to undergo the procedures. The report was filed under seal on February 24.

The assessment of his criminal responsibility makes it possible to determine his state of mind at the time of the crimes, in particular whether he was able to distinguish right from wrong.

After the filing of the first psychiatric report, one of the parties may request a second opinion. If he were to be found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder, it would be following a trial or consent between the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions and the defence.

The accused is represented by Me Julien Lespérance Hudon.

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