Planet geek – How to reduce the ecological impact of digital technology

The manufacture of devices and their electricity consumption weigh heavily in the greenhouse gas emissions dispersed into the atmosphere.

Geek planet – How to reduce the ecological impact of digital rique

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Digital would be responsible for 2 to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than twice what air transport generates. This is the case, for example, in France, where a study by the Senate assesses the carbon footprint of digital technology at 15 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year. However, according to the German environmental research institute Öko-Institut, which has calculated the average emissions per person for different positions, the manufacture of the devices weighs for 40%.

Production-related emissions come from chemicals used in the extraction and processing of raw materials, as well as the energy needed to manufacture semiconductors. According to these calculations, the manufacture of a smartphone generates around 250 kg of CO2.

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