Player Ricksen, who died in September, not buried so far (video)

Футболиста Риксена, умершего в сентябре, не похоронили до сих пор (видео)

Ex-football player, AZ, Zenit, Rangers and the Netherlands national team Fernando Ricksen (pictured with his wife and daughter), who died September 18 at the age of 43, after six years of struggle with incurable disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), are not buried until now.

About that wife-Russian woman player Veronica rixen told, answering a question of the newspaper “Sport-Express” about the funeral of Fernando: “But he’s not even buried. Was cremation. It is in Russia, the dust issue on the third day. And in Scotland — in 5–6 weeks! Why so long is a mystery. November 5, I finally called and said, you can pick up the trash. Next week will fly to Glasgow, and from there to Heerlen, the hometown of Fernando. There and buried”.

Recall that the incurable disease of a football player became known in October 2013. Initially, doctors gave Riksena a maximum of 18 months, but Fernando has lived with the disease for six years. From 2013 his disease has progressed so much that the Dutch stopped moving and lost the ability to speak. Recent years, he communicated using a voice computer that is controlled by eyes.

In the composition of Zenit St. Petersburg, Ricksen became the champion of Russia (2007) and winner of the super Cup (2008) and UEFA Cup (2007/2008). The player made the Hall of fame of the Scottish Rangers, which included Fernando twice won the championship and the Cup. He loved his daughter Isabella…

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