PlayStation unveils a first look at the interface of its PS VR2 headset


PlayStation unveils a first look at the interface of its PS VR2 headset

Virtual Reality Headset and PlayStation VR2 Controllers

Japanese giant Sony has given a taste of what sound owners can expect – highly anticipated – new virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR2.

Failing to announce an official release date for the headset that will succeed the PS VR, launched in 2016, PlayStation reveals some of its features in a blog post published on Tuesday.

Provide footage of the PS VR2 transparent view, which can see the real environment surrounding the player, through cameras. This can be used in particular to easily find a controller without having to remove your helmet. Competing devices from Meta offer a similar function.

This is what the “transparent view” announced by PlayStation would look like.

No big surprise either in terms of the feature allowing you to draw limits to your virtual play space according to the real environment. Much like the Quest headsets allow, the PlayStation VR2 will use cameras to scan the room the player is in and map out a play area based on any obstacles present.

PlayStation seems to be appealing to instavideasts (in English: streamers), because it announces a feature allowing you to film yourself while you play and broadcast everything live by connecting a PS5 HD camera to the console.

Two viewing modes will be offered for PS VR2: VR Mode and Cinematic Mode. In VR mode, content will be displayed at maximum resolution in 4000 x 2040 HDR video format, in 360°. Cinematic mode, in 1920 x 1080 HDR resolution, will instead allow you to enjoy all multimedia content and games that are not in virtual reality.

We will provide you with new information soon, including the launch date and additional games that will be released on the platform, the PlayStation blog post concludes.


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