Poilievre slams far-right leader who suggests attacking his wife

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Poilievre slams far-right leader who suggests going after his wife

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre called “disgusting” comments by Jeremy Mackenzie, who in a video called for the sexual assault of his wife, Anaida.

Pierre Poilievre argues that he asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to investigate “disgusting” comments by the founder of a far-right group who suggested in a video the sexual assault of the Conservative leader's wife.

Jeremy MacKenzie referenced Anaida Poilievre in an online video over the weekend when he suggested she be sexually assaulted.

Mr. MacKenzie, 36, is the founder of the online group Diagolon, which shares membership and affiliation with the Freedom Convoy and with those who generally oppose government-imposed health restrictions. p>

He faces assault and other firearms charges for separate incidents in Saskatchewan and his native Nova Scotia.

Jeremy MacKenzie is a former Canadian Armed Forces member who served in Afghanistan, turned far-right influencer.

Mr. Poilievre, who was previously photographed shaking hands with Mr. MacKenzie at a campaign event during the Conservative leadership race in Nova Scotia, called Mr. MacKenzie and the other man in the video garbage and duds.

The Conservative leader has said he will not tolerate anyone threatening members of his family.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Mr. MacKenzie maintained that he had been drinking when he made the comments and that no one really meant the wrong thing.

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